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Chaos Vantage articles

What is Project Arena? Go behind the scenes of Chaos’ virtual production tech

Chaos’ Head of Innovation Vladimir Koylazov and CTO Mihail Sergeev on how Project Arena’s ray tracing could transform virtual production workflows for LED walls.

What’s new in Chaos Vantage 2, update 3

More realism in real-time with support for V-Ray Blend Materials, and amplify your creative control in post-production with the new Multi Matte render element.

Chaos Unboxed Live: the recap

Discover how Chaos will redefine visualization with AI-powered features and smart products that will help you produce your best work without limitations.

Maximize your creative potential with Chaos Vantage 2, update 2

The latest update for our real-time ray-traced renderer adds V-Ray Fur support for realistic grass and fabrics, Displacement for intricate geometry, and more.

© BOC Studio
How Vantage, Phoenix, and Anima 5 elevate BOC Studio's archviz

Learn how BOC harnesses the power of Vantage, Phoenix, and Anima 5 digital humans in their workflow to transport viewers to serene architectural spaces.

How Brick Visual is pushing the boundaries of animation with Chaos Vantage 2

Get ready to be captivated as we go behind the scenes of Brick Visual’s stunning animation, a collaborative project that pushes the limits of Vantage 2.

Revolutionary NVIDIA AI-powered Ray Reconstruction tech now in Chaos Vantage

Experience high quality in real-time: NVIDIA’s AI-powered DLSS 3.5 denoiser boosts speeds by up to three times while preserving visual fidelity.

a v-ray render of concrete homes in a bucolic environment
Pursuing realism: achieving incredible archviz with V-Ray and Vantage

Read this article to learn how Raying, a Chinese architectural visualization studio, utilizes V-Ray and Vantage to create photorealistic images and videos.

© Wayfair
Turning interior design dreams into reality with Wayfair's Digital Design Studio

Step into a world of endless design possibilities with Wayfair's Digital Design Studio – an interactive and fun way to shop all things interior.

AXYZ design, developer of realistic 4D animated humans, joins Chaos

Digital human software company AXYZ design is a go-to for realistic people in archviz and design. Now, we’re proud to announce it’s become part of Chaos.

© Arterra Interactive
Now in Chaos Vantage: anima 3D human characters

With Vantage 2’s full compatibility with AXYZ design’s anima 3D, it’s never been quicker or easier to add a realistic human dimension to your archviz projects.

© Brick Visual
Chaos Vantage 2: Putting the real in real-time

Create photorealistic animations faster than ever before. Make use of Vantage’s multiple new features and experience incredible real-time ray-traced rendering.

A v-ray render of an home interior with beige walls and sofa, concrete columns, exposed staircase, black lamps, pine table© MTMA
A deep dive into MTMA’s approach to archviz

Discover how MTMA uses Chaos Vantage to enhance its designs and create immersive, photorealistic architectural spaces in real-time.

a v-ray render of a house in the woods with stairs, big windows, mist© BOC
The natural touch: Using Chaos Vantage to create outstanding archviz

Chaos Vantage’s real-time ray-traced rendering revolutionized BOC’s workflow. The archviz studio’s co-founder, Dương Thanh Nguyên, shares his favorite features.

V-Ray Architecture Showreel 2022

Here you'll see some of the best examples of architectural animation out there, brought to you by some of the top artists and visualization studios from around the world.

© Voltaku
How real-time ray tracing with Chaos Vantage through Unreal can revolutionize virtual production

This proof-of-concept animated short for “Killtopia” breaks new ground in real-time ray-traced virtual production. Take a look at the incredible tech behind it.

How Chaos Vantage speeds up CMGR's pipeline and boosts creativity

Seizing the opportunity: UX Designer and 3D artist Cameron Rule relies on Vantage to bring high-quality Kiwi architectural renderings to the world of arch viz.

© 3D Render & Beyond
9 tips on how to add realism to any exterior architectural project

Need some pointers on your next arch viz project in V-Ray for Cinema 4D? Get expert advice from 3D Render & Beyond.

© Silkroad Digital Vision
How Chaos Vantage Improved Silkroad Digital Vision's Workflow

Discover how Chaos Vantage helps Silkroad Digital Vision collaborate on projects in realtime and get tips on how to achieve an impressive arch-viz scene.

© Brick Visual
The technology behind photorealistic real-time rendering

Recent innovations have made it possible to explore scenes in real-time. In the second part of his series on computer graphics, Ricardo Ortiz explains the basics.

Sydney, Australia's Central Business District skyline© Arterra Interactive
Arterra Interactive on presenting cities via Chaos Vantage

Metropolis now: Arterra Interactive’s Tony MacDonald tells us about using Chaos Vantage’s real-time ray tracing to explore massive cityscapes in front of clients.

© Arterra Interactive
Real-time ray tracing with Chaos Vantage

Your fastest, easiest route to 100% ray traced graphics in real-time. Take advantage of our introductory offer, and win prizes with our “Building Utopia” contest.

Lorcan O’Herlihy Architects © Brick Visual
Download the Project Lavina, beta

With its all-new animation editor, now’s the perfect time to take part in the Project Lavina, beta and explore your V-Ray scenes in fully ray-traced real-time.

© Brick Visual
Brick Visual puts Chaos Vantage to the test

We invited Brick Visual to load its most complex arch-viz scenes into Chaos Vantage's revolutionary real-time 3D ray-traced engine. Find out what happened.

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