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V-Ray 6 for SketchUp, update 2

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V-Ray 6 is better than ever.

The latest update brings a multitude of improvements to enhance your user experience and expedite workflows. We've improved V-Ray to simplify your design process with new scattering features for easy scene setup, seamless .vrscene imports from various applications, and faster job submissions to Chaos Cloud. And more.

More Scatter capabilities

Populate your scenes with grass, trees, rocks, and light sources in a few clicks. The updated Chaos Scatter tool introduces new scattering modes along grids, curves, and within volumes, as well as area modifiers so you can limit the scatter area. Plus, you’ll find more transformation settings for finer control over your scattered objects.

VFB improvements

Enhance your editing experience with a number of enhancements to the V-Ray Frame Buffer. The new Chromatic Aberration effect adds color distortion similar to real-world lens imperfections, giving your projects subtle realism. Easily create folders within the layers stack for easier navigation. Quickly create simple backgrounds with the new plain color in the Background layer.

Better V-Ray scene import

Experience a more seamless .vrscene import process from Enscape and other applications. The UI for materials and textures not originally designed for V-Ray in SketchUp has been upgraded significantly. Enscape scenes import faster due to better handling of texture buffers.

Improved viewport materials

Do you ever use SketchUp viewport screenshots for presentations? Now, you can display procedural textures and their corrections within the viewport, enabling a better design and presentation process.

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Chaos Cosmos IES lights import

Chaos Cosmos assets with built-in IES light sources are importable and ready for rendering, offering expanded lighting choices from Cosmos.

One-click to Chaos Cloud

Enjoy a much more intuitive and faster workflow for rendering scenes on Chaos Cloud in the click of a button.

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