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Introducing V-Ray 5 for Rhino, update 2.

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V-Ray® 5 for Rhino, update 2 packs new tools for you to build designs more effectively, as well as new ways to create stakeholder presentations and engage them. Build detailed scenes without worrying about performance with the new scattering tool. Add stickers or markings to any surface with the V-Ray Decal. Use V-Ray Vision to share your designs through animations or even interactive 3D apps. Plus, take advantage of a number of powerful additions to V-Ray for Grasshopper like Scatter, Chaos Cosmos, IES lights components, and more.


New workflows, more creative possibilities


Quickly create realistic terrain for your models with the new scattering tool. Easily add hundreds, thousands or even millions of Chaos Cosmos models and objects to any surface without worrying about memory resources—then edit their density, size, and orientation for complete control.

Chaos Vantage Live Link

Now, you can navigate your most complicated scenes in pure ray-traced real-time without any setup. Explore your model’s true materials and lighting, and easily output animations and images.

Learn more about Chaos Vantage >

Chaos Cosmos materials

With the addition of materials to Cosmos, there’s never been a better time to try out our collection of render-ready 3D content. We’ve included 200 new materials for your next project, including tiles, wooden floors, terrain, and more. They’re ready to use—but you can edit their color, bump, gloss, and more.

V-Ray Material improvements

With updates to the V-Ray Material, it’s easy to create realistic translucent and transparent materials such as glass. Plus, you can create materials such as plastic and wax quickly and easily via SSS and Volumetric translucency modes.


V-Ray Decal can help bring projects to life with unique materials that can be applied to objects of any shape. Create stickers on vehicles, labels on products, or graffiti on walls.

More artistic control in post

Add a photographic touch when polishing your final renders with sharpen and blur in the V-Ray Frame Buffer.

New capabilities in V-Ray Vision

Share your scene with reviewers

Now you can share your scene with others to experience in real-time 3D on their own machine without the need for any additional software or license. Just hit export and reviewers can experience your full scene, with the full functionality of V-Ray Vision including navigation controls, color correction parameters, and more.

Еxport video recordings

Take the pain out of creating animations. You can now save Vision animations in a WebM format instead of manually combining images.

Sun animation support

Review lighting studies quickly and easily by loading sun animations from Rhino into Vision.

Grass support

Build realistic terrain efficiently with preset grass on any surface.

IES lights support

Vision presentations are now more realistic with IES light profiles.

New capabilities in V-Ray for Grasshopper

Streamlined object scattering

The new Scatter component gives you a simplified scattering workflow with all essential scattering and randomization parameters inside a single node.

Cosmos inside Grasshopper

A fully functional Content Browser component lets you insert and manage smart V-Ray content without leaving Grasshopper.

Ray traced real-time

Send your definition directly to Chaos Vantage via the updated Live Link node and explore your design interactively with true-to-life lights, cameras, and materials.

Full V-Ray Lights support

IES Light, Spot Light and Omni Light nodes are added, so you can use your favorite light sources without restriction.

For the full list of V-Ray 5 for Rhino, update 2 improvements, check out our documentation page >

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