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V-Ray 6 for Rhino, update 2

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V-Ray 6 is better than ever.

V-Ray 6 is better than ever. Benefit from numerous improvements designed to elevate your experience and expedite workflows. We've refined V-Ray to make your design process smoother, introducing new scattering capabilities for effortless scene setup, seamless .vrscene imports from diverse applications,  quicker job submissions to Chaos Cloud. And more.

More Scatter capabilities

Effortlessly add grass, trees, rocks, and light sources to your scenes with just a few clicks. The updated Scatter tool introduces advanced scattering modes across grids, curves, and volumes. Additionally, it offers improved methods to limit scatter areas using area modifiers, along with expanded transformation settings for precise control over scattered objects.

VFB improvements

Enhance your editing process with several upgrades to the V-Ray Frame Buffer (VFB). The new Chromatic Aberration effect adds color distortion similar to real-life lens imperfections, giving your projects subtle realism. Improve navigation by effortlessly organizing layers into folders within the stack. Additionally, you can swiftly generate simple backgrounds using the new plain color feature in the Background layer.

Better V-Ray scene import

Experience a more seamless .vrscene import process from Enscape and other applications. The UI for materials and textures not originally designed for V-Ray in Rhino has been upgraded significantly. Enscape scenes import faster due to better handling of texture buffers.

Improved viewport materials

Enhanced viewport materials now showcase procedural textures and their adjustments directly within the Rhino viewport. This upgrade significantly improves the experience, especially for users who frequently incorporate viewport screenshots into their project presentations.

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Chaos Cosmos IES lights import

Chaos Cosmos assets with built-in IES light sources are importable and ready for rendering, offering expanded lighting choices from Cosmos.

V-Ray GPU Enmesh support

V-Ray GPU now supports Enmesh, offering GPU users the ability to utilize this tool to effortlessly create tiled geometric patterns.

One-click to Chaos Cloud

Experience a significantly more intuitive and accelerated workflow when submitting scenes for rendering on the Chaos Cloud. It's as effortless as clicking a button.


V-Ray for Grasshopper enhancements

V-Ray for Grasshopper now offers volumetric effects for heightened realism in atmospheric rendering.

Achieve lifelike skies with natural atmospheric depth, or incorporate haze and fog with authentic light scattering. Moreover, the latest scatter feature is accessible within V-Ray for Grasshopper, with additional components to simplify scattering setup and configuration.

For the full list of improvements, check out our documentation page >

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