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Create V-Ray extensions & render management tools.

Create custom V-Ray components

Create any type of V-Ray compatible geometry, textures, material, lights, cameras and atmospheric effects using the V-Ray for 3ds Max or V-Ray for Maya developer kits.

Automate rendering workflows

Automate scene workflows and render management using simple command-line scripts. Or switch to Python for more advanced V-Ray rendering and scene controls.

Connect any application

V-Ray offers multiple programming interfaces and support for rendering custom assets, so developers can create any type of application such as crowd simulations, hair grooming and landscape design.


V-Ray Plugin SDK

Software development kit for V-Ray for Max and V-Ray for Maya that allows the creation of V-Ray compatible materials, textures, lights, atmospheric effects, cameras and custom geometry. It also includes the source code for some ready-to-use V-Ray plugins.

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V-Ray App SDK

High-level software development kit with a Python programming interface that can be used to streamline design workflows, customize production pipelines and automate V-Ray rendering processes.

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V-Ray Standalone

V-Ray Standalone is a full-featured command-line renderer that supports V-Ray’s complete feature set, including CPU & GPU rendering capabilities, through its proprietary .vrscene file format.

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Visual effects

From custom shaders to crowd simulation software, V-Ray compatibility is an industry standard. For custom VFX workflows, V-Ray also offers the tools needed for building better pipelines and timesaving scripts.

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Architectural visualization

Whether you're developing a new scattering tool or a foliage library, offering V-Ray support to your customers is a must. V-Ray is the leading renderer in architectural visualization and is used by more than 90% of the top architecture firms worldwide.

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Product design

V-Ray's scripting interface can help designers save valuable time by automating the creation of hundreds — even thousands — of photorealistic images for online and print product catalogs.


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