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Seamlessly transfer your Enscape projects to V-Ray for 3ds Max and Cinema 4D

Opening the Bridge: Find out how this new V-Ray 6 for 3ds Max feature addresses one of the biggest pain points in archviz and revolutionizes workflows.

Here at Chaos, the V-Ray and Enscape teams have been working hard together behind the scenes to unlock new ways of collaborating and make pipelines and workflows smoother. Seriously, they locked themselves in a Chaos lab, and we haven’t seen them for about six months now.

They have, however, posted the results of their latest collaboration: A new iteration of the Enscape-V-Ray Bridge. Building on Enscape compatibility in V-Ray, this new V-Ray for 3ds Max and V-Ray for Cinema 4D feature makes it possible to transfer Enscape projects directly into V-Ray, saving time while maintaining creative and design decisions.

Avoiding pipeline pitfalls

The impetus for this project came from the fact that architects and designers rely on Enscape’s simplicity to create and document their ideas, but 3D artists can face challenges and inefficiencies when translating these designs into high-quality visualizations with V-Ray.

Manually converting Enscape scenes into V-Ray can be time-consuming, especially for complex projects. This translation process involves recreating geometry, materials, lighting, and other elements from scratch, often leading to errors and inconsistencies, which can hinder collaboration and slow down the design process.

Designers and architects may also need to wait for multiple revisions of the visualization to ensure their intentions are accurately captured. In turn, the lack of a seamless integration between CAD software and rendering engines can lead to communication breakdowns between designers and 3D artists. Misinterpretations and misunderstandings can arise due to the inherent differences in these tools and workflows.

The Bridge addresses these pain points by providing easy data transfer between Enscape and V-Ray, simplifying workflows, and enhancing communication between designers and 3D artists. In turn, your design process becomes more efficient and collaborative.

Left: Enscape, Right: V-Ray

Key features of the Bridge

  • Eliminates the need for manual scene translation: The Bridge automatically converts Enscape scenes into V-Ray-compatible .vrscene files, preserving all the geometry, materials, and lighting from the original scene.
  • Preserves design intent and continuity: By seamlessly transferring design data from Enscape to V-Ray, the Bridge ensures that the designer's original intentions and design elements are accurately represented in the final visualization.
  • Streamlines workflow and enhances collaboration: The Bridge eliminates the need for 3D artists to spend time on manual scene translation, allowing them to focus on creative tasks and refining the visualization. This also facilitates better communication between designers and 3D artists, as they can work with the same scene data.

Benefits of the Bridge for 3D artists

  • Less time spent on scene translation: The Bridge significantly reduces the time needed to convert Enscape scenes into V-Ray, freeing up 3D artists' time for more creative and value-added tasks.
  • Improved accuracy and consistency: The automated translation process ensures that the V-Ray scene accurately reflects the original Enscape scene, eliminating the risk of errors or inconsistencies.
  • Enhanced collaboration and communication: The Bridge facilitates smoother collaboration between designers and 3D artists, allowing for more efficient feedback loops and a better understanding of design intent.

The Bridge is available in V-Ray 6 for 3ds Max, update 2, and it’s coming soon to V-Ray 6 for Cinema 4D.

Download a V-Ray trial and see how it can save time and make your pipeline more efficient, and don’t forget that you can download a 14-day Enscape trial to complete the Bridge.

Take it to the Bridge.

Download a 30-day V-Ray trial.
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