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Boost your collaboration and creativity with V-Ray 6 for Cinema 4D, update 2

Connectivity redefined, creativity enhanced with Enscape compatibility, V-Ray content exchange, MaterialX rendering support, Vantage animation rendering, and more.


Connectivity redefined. Creativity enhanced.

With V-Ray 6, update 2 we’re redefining connectivity and unlocking unprecedented collaboration possibilities for architecture and media and entertainment. Users can effortlessly transfer data from Enscape to V-Ray, preserving design decisions and saving valuable time. They can also bring V-Ray scenes from any other integration to Cinema 4D without the hassle of recreating materials, and make use of Material X support. Plus lots more.

Initial Enscape compatibility
Effortlessly transfer data from Enscape within CAD software such as Archicad or Vectorworks to V-Ray. Fine-tune and add details to transform real-time designs into sophisticated, high-end visualizations. Preserve design decisions and ensure continuity from concept to final render, freeing up precious time to bring your creative vision to life.

[beta] V-Ray scene content exchange
Connect effortlessly with other departments and unleash your creativity using V-Ray in your preferred application. Import V-Ray scene data as native objects into your chosen tool without the hassle of material recreation or reassignment. Your data flow between Cinema 4D and other integrations has never been more seamless.

MaterialX rendering support
Immerse yourself in any project with the freedom to seamlessly load and render MaterialX shaders directly in V-Ray for Cinema 4D — no reworking, no data loss. This support is introduced through the V-Ray VRmat material.

Chaos Vantage Animation Rendering
Achieve final production quality animations in record time with Chaos Vantage. Quickly generate project previews, without the need for additional material setup. With high-quality visuals right from the word go, the approval process is faster and more efficient.

Shadow Select
Take compositing control to a new level thanks to the Shadow Select option inside the Light Select render element. Effortlessly control individual shadows, including their visibility, scene influence, intensity, and color.

Individual Camera Controls
Attain finer control over your cameras. Customize parameter overrides per camera or specify auto exposure and auto white balance preferences per camera. Tailor settings for each camera in your scene.

[V-Ray GPU] V-Ray Enmesh
Tile 3D geometry patterns across objects to create complex surfaces with lots of detail for stunning close-up shots. Enmesh is ideal for creating intricate panels, fences, fabrics, and so much more, and it uses much less memory than displacement or copying by hand.

[V-Ray GPU] Faster animation rendering
Render image sequences up to 4x faster with V-Ray GPU. V-Ray now caches bitmaps between animation frames, eliminating the need for reloads, leading to a substantial increase in rendering speed.

V-Ray OSL support
Take your material and texture creation to the next level. Render stunning procedural materials and intricate textures by harnessing the power of the reintroduced V-Ray OSL Material and Texture, enabling you to create customized, realistic, and visually stunning renders.

Material Conversion
Effortlessly convert Standard Cinema 4D materials to V-Ray Classic Materials, or change Redshift Standard materials into V-Ray Node Materials. No recreation needed — streamline your workflow with hassle-free material conversion, saving you precious time.

Chaos Cosmos IES Lights
Illuminate your interiors faster than ever before. With Chaos Cosmos, our ever-expanding library of ready-to-render assets, you can now import 3D light models, including realistic IES light profiles, in just a few clicks. 

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