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Deep dive into Chaos Phoenix 5, update 1

Set your imagination free with Chaos Pheonix 5, update 1’s new features, including V-Ray CPU IPR support, new creative controls, and an optimized user interface.

© Gregory Glezakos

Chaos Phoenix 5, update 1 adds many new features to speed up your workflow and help you get the job done faster. Create the effects you want quickly and easily with more creative control than ever before.

  • Receive instant feedback to fine-tune your simulations or explore different looks with support for V-Ray CPU’s IPR. Now available in Phoenix for 3ds Max too.  
  • [3ds Max] Deform volumes and particles in no time. Play with modifiers that bend, skew, taper, twist, melt, or stretch the selected simulators.
  • Create even more realistic volumetric effects with new absorption color and phase function controls inside the Particle Shaders’ fog mode. 
  • Time Bend Resimulations, animations, and more are now supported in the Standalone Simulator
  • [3ds Max] Load Simulators faster, customize rollout layout, and more, with an optimized user interface
  • See accurate and detailed streamline previews of how forces will affect the simulation before it even starts.  

See all that's new in this update. 

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