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How to Render in Revit Using V-Ray

Your go-to source to achieve the best rendering results in Revit.

Ready to learn how to render in Revit?
V-Ray’s got you covered.

Get your Revit rendering software skills up and running with these essential learning resources. Enjoy a host of official V-Ray video tutorials, free models, and documentation — and start creating amazing architectural renders and animations in no time.

Setup & installation

To get started you'll need to download and install the V-Ray plugin for Revit. It's important to confirm that your system meets the recommended system requirements before proceeding with the installation.

New to V-Ray for Revit?

Start with a series of beginner-friendly tutorials that will help you get familiar with the software and master the basics of photorealistic rendering in Revit today.

Getting started

Get familiar with the V-Ray for Revit user interface and main functionalities, and learn the best render settings to get up and running.

Working with materials

Learn the essential steps when applying V-Ray materials to your Revit model. Use ready-to-render materials from Chaos Cosmos or build one from scratch with ease.

Lighting your scene

Learn how to add realistic sunlight and artificial lights to your model with V-Ray for Revit.

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V-Ray for Revit Courseware

Dive into the ins and outs of V-Ray for Revit. You’ll be able to take advantage of real-time rendering, work with a continuously growing smart content library of high-quality 3D models, take advantage of streamlined workflows to achieve greater realism for your materials, and even go beyond rendering with powerful new post-production features.


VFB Overview


VFB Light Mix and Composite


V-Ray Vision


Sheen Layer


V-Ray Proxy with materials


Randomization Stochastic tiling


Randomization MultiSub Texture


Material library


Line rendering


Lighting Enhancements


Displacement as attribute


Coat layer


Chaos Cosmos Browser


Unlock the power of V-Ray for Revit. In this series, you can watch short video tutorials demonstrating how to make the most of the latest and greatest features.

Use and customize Chaos Cosmos materials

Use Chaos Cosmos’ materials category. Assign and customize parameters such as color to achieve endless variations. Use the triplanar option for perfectly mapped textures. Learn how to edit the underlying materials of Cosmos objects to best fit your project.

Customize Revit materials with V-Ray

Learn how to build on native Prism materials to produce materials that best represent your design intent. Extract them in the Asset Editor, apply V-Ray material workflows, and save them for reuse in other projects.

Customize linked file replacements

Achieve better visual consistency for complex models that use linked files. Call up V-Ray replacements from the Appearance Manager within the host project. Edit materials and families. Switch between variations with a click.

Get started with Chaos Vantage

See your projects like never before with Chaos Vantage. Connect through the new Live Link and study your model’s lights and materials in pure ray-traced real-time. Export camera animations and Revit lighting studies with ease.

From design development to final visualization.

V-Ray 6 for Revit webinar

Join Chaos’ Ana Lyubenova and Kaj Burival, from the Enscape team, for a demonstration of the power of using Enscape and V-Ray in developing your Revit project. Learn more >


Free scene

This free scene will give you a head start learning V-Ray for Revit. It includes complete assets and renders. You can also use it to follow along with our tutorials.

Get scene

Help docs

The Chaos documentation site is the best place to find in-depth technical descriptions of V-Ray features and their parameters, as well as useful visual demonstrations of the settings in action.

See help docs

Need more inspiration?

The official Chaos blog is the best place to find all the latest V-Ray for Revit news, customer stories, product updates, podcasts, and much more.
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