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Mikhail Bendus © 747 Studios
Mikhail Bendus © 747 Studios

Add the power of 3D rendering to your home design application.

Virtual photos add value for your customers.

© 747 Studios
Instagrammable images

Virtual snapshots that your customers will want to share. With V-Ray’s Academy Award-winning lighting and rendering technology, it’s easy for your users to create realistic images of their 3D kitchen and bath designs.

© Viarde
A seamless experience

Deliver the best possible user experience with V-Ray's simple 3D rendering capabilities. Allow them to experiment with viewpoints, colors and lighting.

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Growing business

Help your customers be more successful with brilliant visuals of their interior designs. Offer them out-of-the-box tools to create engaging virtual experiences, thanks to the built-in panoramic and VR view support.

Create a better 3D design experience.

Get to market faster.

Upgrade your design software in no time. With built-in presets and code examples, the V-Ray AppSDK makes it faster and easier than ever to integrate high-end rendering to your application. 

Don’t start from scratch. With V-Ray’s extensive material library, deliver a great user experience for your users. Make it simple for them to choose and try a variety of materials and finishes for their kitchen cabinets, bathroom tiles or bedroom floorings. You can even implement true-to-life scanned materials via VRscans. 


© Set Visions
© Hubert Kropinski

Flexible technology.

Create any application you can imagine. From a simple scene exporter, to deep, native integration in new or existing 3D bathroom and 3D kitchen design software. V-Ray AppSDK is designed to support all your ideas, no matter how simple and elegant or innovative and challenging they are. 

Take advantage of both CPU and GPU hardware simultaneously to shorten render time of even the most detailed bathroom and kitchen designs. Thanks to V-Ray’s hybrid hardware acceleration your customer will enjoy sharp, photorealistic 3D photos faster than ever.

Scalable solution.

You can customize the render engine to make it suitable for various workflows and for a wide range of users. V-Ray AppSDK gives your developers access to V-Ray’s complete functionality. It gives you the freedom to design the perfect user experience for your customers by exposing all or just a subset of V-Ray’s features. 

Support your customers’ most challenging 3D visualization projects, so they can create and present interior designs with confidence and on time. You can maximize the value of your software by offering additional render power via distributed rendering. 

© Assembly Studios

3D consulting & training services for enterprises.

Designed to meet your business’ needs, save you time and shorten your learning curve.

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