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V-Ray Cloud blog postRendered with V-Ray Cloud | Artwork by Bozhidar Stoyanov
V-Ray Cloud blog postRendered with V-Ray Cloud | Artwork by Bozhidar Stoyanov

Chaos Cloud: It's Like Magic

It’s still magic, even if you know how it is done (credit Terry Pratchett), so here is a sneak peek into the innovations that make Chaos Cloud faster and smarter.

Introducing Your Personal Supercomputer

Choas Cloud seamlessly unlocks the speed and virtually unlimited power of the cloud. It’s like your personal supercomputer. Think about rendering an entire animation in the time it takes to render a single frame, vastly accelerating rendering for any scene, or running multiple complex render jobs in parallel. This is what Choas Cloud is all about.

Rendered with Chaos Cloud | Artwork by Bozhidar Stoyanov

Smart Sync & Remote Control

Choas Cloud includes smart optimizations to make your life easier.  One of them is Smart Sync — a smart synchronization feature that automatically resubmits only the updates you’ve made to your scene. This significantly reduces your upload times, so your job starts rendering as soon as you click the render button. There’s also Remote Control, which lets you change job settings and resubmit them without opening the scene — right from your phone. 

Try Chaos Cloud

Choas Cloud is powered by V-Ray Standalone in order to make the magic possible, so keep that in mind if you are using any special 3rd-party plugins for 3ds Max, which are not currently supported in standalone mode. If you’re using V-Ray for Maya, Rhino, Revit or SketchUp, you’ll hardly ever run into a case that is not supported yet.

Rendered with Chaos Cloud | Artwork by N.Nikolov, A.Tudjarov

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