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V-Ray cloudRendered with V-Ray Cloud
V-Ray cloudRendered with V-Ray Cloud

Chaos Cloud: The Story Behind the Tech

Find out how Chaos Group built a fast, smart and easy cloud rendering service

In the past few years, stories about the benefits of cloud rendering have spread across the industry. Entire movies and television series are being rendered on the cloud. In fact, the very first film rendered entirely on the cloud was done in V-Ray. But while most commercial cloud rendering services are built to support the more complex pipelines of large-scale visual effects and animation studios, we wanted to create an extremely simple cloud rendering solution that could be used by any artist and designer.

From the beginning, our number one goal has been to create the easiest cloud rendering service with the best possible user experience.

Boris Simandoff, Chaos Cloud Director of Engineering

Chaos Cloud is integrated directly in V-Ray. With a single-click, you can render to the cloud as a natural extension of your creative process. It’s specifically designed for fast and simple setup, with just a few settings for resolution and image format. There’s no hardware to configure or virtual machines to set up. The Chaos Cloud takes care of all of this automatically.

Chaos Cloud is something we have been developing for several years. At first, we built a software development platform to let anyone develop cloud-based rendering workflows, services or applications. Then, as the technology and platform evolved we saw an opportunity to dramatically simplify the entire process of cloud rendering — both the backend technology as well as the front end user experience. We’re excited to reach the point where we are today, with a system that will be easy to use for any 3D artist or designer.

Boris Simandoff, Chaos Cloud Director of Engineering

Rendered with V-Ray Cloud

As a software architect, my goal was to design a robust, scalable rendering service that people would actually enjoy using. With this in mind, Chaos Cloud was designed to be stable and secure, but not at the expense of innovation and simplicity.

Mihail Stanchev, Chaos Cloud Engineering Team Lead

Rendered with V-Ray Cloud

Chaos Cloud is here to democratize cloud rendering, especially for architects and designers. Finally, we can say that we’ve made cloud rendering simple and easy to use for everyone.

Vladimir Dragoev, Chaos Cloud Product Manager

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