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V-Ray 6 App SDK launched

Add the power of V-Ray 6 to your software. Plus, make use of the latest programming languages and increased API capabilities including better animation support.


Get the V-Ray 6 advantage

We’ve just released V-Ray 6 App SDK. This version packs the time-saving, workflow-boosting new features of the latest V-Ray engine, as well as an improved integration SDK and increased API capabilities, so your software can hit the ground running.

Highlights in V-Ray 6 App SDK include:

  • Easier interaction with the Animation API - Every Plugin property now has passing-of-time parameters, making it easier to set up and produce animation frames.
  • Support for newer versions of Electron and Python - Leverage the power of V-Ray through the Electron 16 or Python 3.10 bindings.
  • V-Ray Profiler - See reports on time spent calculating shaders and volumes in your scenes for even faster rendering.
  • All-new V-Ray 6 rendering capabilities
    • Optimized rendering with specific scene setups such as V-Ray Environment Fog, Translucent materials, and the new Illumination mode.
    • Light Cache in Interactive mode, allowing artists to make better decisions faster.
    • V-Ray Enmesh, Procedural clouds, enhanced V-Ray Material energy preservation …

… and much more! For the full changelog, check out the file included in the V-Ray App SDK package.

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