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V-Ray 6 for Cinema 4D premieres

Bring your boldest ideas to life and give yourself total creative freedom with V-Ray 6’s powerful new tools. Unshackle your imagination and start creating.

Bring your boldest ideas to life.

Take your seats — we’re unveiling a true epic. V-Ray 6 for Cinema 4D is packed with superstar tools that help you create without limits, free up valuable time, and power up your pipeline.

Boundless creativity.

Add anything from stickers and labels to cracks, stains, and scratches in just a few clicks with V-Ray Decal. Create detailed geometric surfaces at no extra memory cost with V-Ray Enmesh. Set up the perfect sky in just a few clicks with V-Ray Sun and Sky’s new procedural clouds system. Render particles such as bubbles, splashes, and sparks, based on conditions such as size, speed, color, and more. 

Enhance your workflow. 

Use ACEScg for industry-standard color workflows. Elevate your HDRI renders with the new Finite Dome Light mode. Render V-Ray Environment Fog and translucent materials even faster. Make better decisions while iterating designs with Light Cache in Interactive Rendering

Plus, many more smart features and workflow enhancements. See all>

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