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V-Ray 5 App SDK now available

Make use of the incredible new features of V-Ray 5, including interactive post-processing, Light Mix and layer-based compositing, in your software projects.

Tap into the power of V-Ray

V-Ray 5 is now available in V-Ray App SDK, allowing you to harness its exciting new features and workflow improvements for more creative flexibility than ever before. Plus, it comes with an improved API, updated examples and documentation to get you started. 


V-Ray 5 rendering technology and beyond.
V-Ray core optimizations and V-Ray GPU improvements make rendering even faster and more stable. Plus, interactive post-processing capabilities are built right into the new V-Ray Frame Buffer, including Light Mix and a new layered-based compositor.

API with improved V-Ray Proxy support.

Allows you to easily import and export data about objects and have more control when making changes to V-Ray Proxies as well as sharing data for preview or conversion. 

Faster coding in C++.
Move semantics and code optimizations in the API now allow for faster coding in C++. 

Material updates.
Now, the new Sheen and Coat layers inside the V-Ray Material make it easier than ever to simulate fabrics such as velvet, satin, silk and other smooth surfaces, and create materials with reflective coatings. The new V-Ray Car Paint 2 Material also takes automotive renders to the next level effortlessly.

And much more!

For the full changelog, please see the file included in the V-Ray App SDK package.

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