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Light and render day and night scenes in V-Ray for Cinema 4D

Learn how to light and render daytime and nighttime arch-viz exteriors using V-Ray for Cinema 4D with these two helpful video tutorials by Fabio Palvelli.

With the array of tools in V-Ray for Cinema 4D, it’s easy to create stunning exterior renders depicted at any time of day. With full creative control, you can choose to give your projects a bright and playful feel or use low light and subtle illumination to create atmospheric, cozy scenes.

In these two tutorials in our quickstart video guides for V-Ray for Cinema 4D, Fabio Palvelli explains how to create impressive, realistic exteriors in just a few simple steps. You’ll discover how to use image-based lighting to illuminate exterior arch-viz environments, as well as learn Fabio’s essential tips and tricks to create eye-catching, photorealistic imagery.

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Part 1: How to light and render an exterior daytime scene

Learn how to use V-Ray for Cinema 4D to create a realistic lighting setup for a daytime arch-viz exterior with this quickstart video tutorial. Fabio will show you how to use V-Ray Sun and an HDRi inside a Dome Light for photorealistic results.

Make sure you download the scene file to follow along with this tutorial.

Part 2: How to light and render an exterior nighttime scene

Discover how to create an exterior nighttime render using an HDRi for image-based lighting. See how to tweak the time of the evening, how gamma and ISO values affect the final render and find out the best way to use artificial lights to create balanced, natural-looking images.

To make the most of this tutorial, we recommend downloading the scene file featured in the video so you can follow along.

If you enjoyed this useful V-Ray for Cinema 4D guide, be sure to stay tuned for more free video tutorials coming soon to the official ChaosGroupTV channel.

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