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Announcing the Winners of Our Student Rendering Competition!

Jak Pagan’s “Capsule” picks up grand prize in future-themed V-Ray and Corona art contest. See the winning entry, and find out about the awesome runner-ups.

© Jak Pagan

“What’s Next?” That’s the question we asked students around the world to answer in our V-Ray and Corona rendering competition — and our judging panel was very impressed by the entries. Visions of tomorrow ranged from bright utopias to dark dystopias, but the overall message was one of hope for the next generation.

Gnomon Student Jak Pagan’s “Capsule” was the overall winner. This intricate and beautifully composed scene depicts lived-in living quarters, with a glimpse of an alien landscape outside. Closer inspection reveals more about the occupant: Cowboy Bebop and Star Wars posters, classic literature on the bookshelf — and what could be one of Portal’s companion cubes lurking in the shadows.

“I love that Capsule leads the viewer into the space as if it's their own,” says Chaos Group’s CCO Lon Grohs, who was on the judging panel. “The eye travels to all the details and nuances that help tell a full story. The composition and lighting create a nice balance between the warmth inside and cool outside.”

In the public vote, an astonishing 1,246 Facebookers voted for Isaac Zuren’s expansive glimpse into a future Mexico City. It’s a megalopolis dominated by corporations and high-rises, but which isn’t immune to the power of parkour revolutionaries. Isaac nicely balances an aseptic cityscape with the rebellious human form.

The three Facebook runners-up, from artists Koycho Krachanov, Yi-Chien Tsai and Matteo Morana, take us from futuristic Bulgaria to a sub-aquatic cityscape to a decrepit back alley, with each showing detailed, believable visions.

Our judges would like to extend a huge thank you to everyone who put in the time and effort to take part.

What’s next? More challenges and more prizes! Stay tuned to Chaos Group for further info.

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