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© Ernest Koska
© Ernest Koska

Add the power of V-Ray into your product design software.

Empower your customer.

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Perfect product shots

Integrate V-Ray in your 3D design software and let your users showcase their product designs with amazing sales and marketing visuals that capture attention with professional lighting, natural shadows and realistic materials.

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Familiar user experience

Let your users channel their imagination with a seamlessly integrated render engine that complements the creative process and works as a native, fast and accurate visualization module.

Den Brooks © Pearl Studios
From zero to hero

Thanks to V-Ray’s built-in panoramic and VR view support, you can help product designers get their ideas to market by presenting stunning visuals and engaging virtual experiences of their models.

Become more competitive.

Short development cycle.

V-Ray’s AppSDK includes a high-level programming interface and code presets that your developers will love. The AppSDK will help them speed up the integration process with detailed examples and helpful learning resources. You can complement your 3D design software with a superior visualization module in your next release. 

The key to product visualizations that sell is the quality of the digital materials used. V-Ray AppSDK gives you the tools to create a high-quality material library that your users can easily apply to their 3D models. You can even implement true-to-life scanned materials via VRscans. 

@ Dustin Brown

Agile solution.

V-Ray AppSDK is designed to help anyone visualize their ideas the best possible way, no matter the scope and size of their design projects. You can use it to support any creative workflow your clients may need – from a simple 3D scene exporter, to deep, native integration in your 3D modelling software.

3D visualization is known to be a time and resource-consuming process, but V-Ray has a solution for you. It is designed to utilize both the computer processor and the graphic card resources simultaneously to shorten the render time of even the most detailed 3D designs. 

Scalable technology.

V-Ray is famous among the most demanding designers in the media and entertainment industry for its vast feature set, but the V-Ray AppSDK gives your developers the tools to size and mould it freely to fit your 3D CAD software. You can design the perfect user experience by customizing the render engine until it becomes a natural extension to your user workflow.

V-Ray is battle-proven and can render even the most challenging product visualization projects. Your users can create the most dazzling jewelry or the most futuristic automotive concept designs and present them with confidence and on time with the help of additional render power via distributed rendering.

© Mackevision

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