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© Rapid Images
© Rapid Images

Add the power of V-Ray into your fashion design software.

Award-winning fashion design software

© CG Works
Visualize & perfect.

Integrate an Academy Award-winning visualization engine that creates high-quality virtual photos with a luxurious look and feel, studio lighting, soft shadows and realistic materials.

© Hristo Dimitrov
Speed up collection reviews.

Streamline shoe and garment creation process with a seamlessly integrated 3D photo module that adds fast, progressive visualization with an automatic denoising filter option.

© Tonic CGI
Turn the spotlight on.

Help your users showcase their designs in true-to-life immersive presentations. V-Ray’s built-in panoramic and VR view support gives them the tools to create engaging virtual experiences.

Stand out from competition.

Trendsetting features.

Add high-end visualization capabilities to your clothing design software in time for next season's collection. With helpful presets and code examples, V-Ray AppSDK makes integration fast and easy. 

Offer great user experience with a digital fabrics library for your users. Implement a natural workflow of trying a variety of patterns and colors for their fashion and shoe designs. You can also add true-to-life scanned fabric materials via VRscans. 

© Nikola Arsov
© Dmitiry Lee

Versatility by design.

V-Ray AppSDK is designed for innovation, so no matter how simple and elegant or bold and challenging your ideas are, you can make them come to life. You can create anything from a simple 3D pattern exporter, to deep, native integration in new or existing 3D fashion design apps.

V-Ray makes use of any available computational resources on your clients’ machines to shorten render time of even the most intricate embroidery, couture or laser-cut garment designs. Thanks to the hybrid acceleration from both the computer processors and graphic cards, your customers will enjoy front-page quality 3D photos faster than ever.

True to size.

V-Ray AppSDK is V-Ray’s control panel, giving your developers the tools to control its complete functionality.  It enables you to implement the perfect creative workflow for your customers, by offering them all or a combination of V-Ray’s features they need. You can customize the render engine to make it suitable for either accessories, shoes or clothing designs.

Empower your customers’ creativity and help them visualize their collections before investing in the production of expensive and time-consuming samples. You can further maximize the value of your software by offering additional render power via distributed rendering.

© Anton Melnikov

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Designed to meet your business’ needs, save you time and shorten your learning curve.

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