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Unbelievably real 3D fabrics for fashion and furniture.

Skip the photo shoot and switch to Chaos Scans materials.
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The biggest names in fashion and furniture rely on CGI for visualization, marketing and advertising.

Now with Chaos Scans they can render fabrics perfectly in any setting, saving time and money compared to traditional photo shoots.

Why choose Chaos Scans over traditional photography?

Unlimited virtual photography.


With Chaos Scans, there’s no need to photograph a physical product. Using a 3D model with Chaos Scans materials gives you the freedom to render your product in any environment and under any lighting condition. There’s no limit to what you can create.

Photographic precision


Chaos Scans materials are exact digital replicas of physical samples, and can accurately capture even the most complex fabrics such as leather and velvet. It’s so accurate you can see the thread count and almost feel the texture. 

Easy to work with.


With CGI you have complete control over your scene. Switching fabrics, changing camera angles and adjusting lights is fast and easy in a digital environment.

Save time, save money.


With CGI and Chaos Scans you can visualize your products in any setting you can think of, saving you the cost of renting studios, building sets and shipping products. Plus it makes it much easier to keep up with current trends and fashion seasons.

Chaos Scans fabric materials

Chaos Scans materials scanning service

Need to scan a custom material? Send us your physical samples and we’ll create a perfect digital Chaos Scans match for you.

Chaos Scans library

The Chaos Scans Library contains over 2500+ pre-scanned materials ready to use in V-Ray for 3ds Max and Maya. Sign up for our free trial and get unlimited access to Chaos Scans free for 90 days.

Learn more about Chaos Scans scanning service.

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