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VSOCLOUD Render Farm

VSOCLOUD™ render farm is built and supported by Landhigh Tech Group and the world’s top super computer “Tianhe”. It’s one of the biggest render platforms in China and had served international client across more than 30 countries. VSOCloud features massive concurrent high-end rendering nodes, drag-and-drop file management client, 24/7 live customer service and technical support. VSOCloud also has the highest security level with its dedicated network and facilities assessed and certified by TPN. The platform also provides GPU render which meets the requirement of clients who use V-Ray RT.

V-Ray Render Node

We have Japan's largest GPU data center and provide render farm service. Even non-engineers can easily use cloud rendering just uploading files to the web application. As a cloud service provider, we are the first certified NVIDIA Elite Partner in Japan. The rendering server in the cloud environment is equipped with NVIDIA's professional GPU, so rendering is processed at high speed. Our data center is located in Japan, so Japanese users can use it without worrying about security and latency.

V-Ray Render Node
Copernicus Computing

We are 3D graphics experts and we offer 24/7 support (in English and in Polish). Due to our super fast servers we render very quickly. Low prices encourage both students and professionals. We are able to take up big jobs - rendering movies, commercials and visualisations.

V-Ray Render Node
South Korea

GarageFarm.NET has a 10 people team working 24/7 to ensure full support and responsiveness for their clients. We offer unbeatable prices coupled with new technology that have made thousands of customers from over 40 countries happy. Read Facebook Reviews and Case Studies to see what the clients say.

V-Ray Render Node
Helio Cloud Rendering and Render API

The easy-to-use cloud rendering solution from Helio lets you transform your business to the cloud within minutes: Install the desktop application, sync your projects, render, and automatically get the results. With Helio, you benefit from the latest, fastest CPUs, the best price, and the lowest CO2 emissions. And even better: Artists unchain creativity and follow the progress of the rendering from everywhere (web, smartphone, desktop). Developers can integrate the Render API with a few lines of code, and the CEO/CFO can save money and increase productivity.

V-Ray Render Node
Conductor Technologies

Conductor is a production-tested cloud rendering platform backed by the near-infinite compute of Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platform. All-inclusive pricing model includes per-minute licensing for your favorite programs from Chaos Group, Autodesk, The Foundry, and more, allow for a seamless integration into your existing pipeline. Conductor also works with your custom and third-party plugins and provides real-time cost controls and analytics. New users get a $100 first month credit free on sign-up. For more information on Conductor features and pricing, visit or contact

V-Ray Render Node

Founded in Hollywood in 2002, Rendercore offers on-demand, high-performance remote rendering services and solutions for the customers from such diversified industries as entertainment, architectural, engineering and industrial design who demand huge computing resources. With over 3Tera Hz computing power, a cutting edge cloud computing infrastructure and the industry's first remote rendering software, Rendercore's render farm provides instant on, outsource rendering capacity for users of Maya, 3ds Max, and V-Ray Standalone. Our render farm is fully equipped with over 100 new Xeon Dual-Quad 3.0 Ghz with 16GB RAM and a 24/7 Cloud computing automated job management system designed exclusively for the computer graphic artist. Our users can upload, submit, monitor and download all through our website or FTP client. We offer free registration and free testing so that our users will be able to choose the best pricing options that will suit there needs. Our users can choose to render by GhzHr, pre-paid, or our monthly pricing packages.

V-Ray Render Node
United Kingdom

The heat generated by a 90 minute animation could provide hot water for 20,000 homes for a day. Nearly all render farms waste that heat, and have big air conditioning costs to deal with it. Our ground-breaking render platform re-uses that heat and heats the water in people’s homes, significantly reducing its environmental impact. An 8k render on our network could save ~3kg of carbon and heat ~70 litres of water for a family who needs help with their fuel costs. If your environmental and social impact is important to you, we can help you set up a more sustainable workflow for some of your rendering. Get in touch now to find out more. Give the network a try with £20 credit; upload your .vrscene file and assets to get a preview render and see how much your render will cost - before you begin. Any questions just call, chat or send us an email. +44 (0) 1483 677 147.

V-Ray Render Node

Commercial render farms listed above are the only ones authorized by Chaos to provide rendering services. For quality and security purposes, we do not support render farms not on this list.

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