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AI at Chaos

A world leader in visualization technology, Chaos understands AI as a powerful force reshaping the landscape of creativity. 

Recognizing the importance of the creators’ ingenuity and imagination as the core of innovation has always been at the heart of Chaos, and it is brought to life in the technologies that we develop. For Chaos, it's never about machines replacing creativity but building better machines that truly empower and accelerate creative potential for our customers.

We are committed to a future where designers and creatives leverage AI as collaborators. Together, we are blending the power of cutting-edge technologies with the passion of the human spirit. Join us on a journey defining the future of AI-driven visualization.

Chaos AI principles

With the power of AI comes great responsibility. These core guidelines will underpin workflows that combine accelerated creativity with responsible, human-centered AI.

Empowerment without compromise

Our AI tools amplify human creativity, enabling designers to efficiently create exceptional visualizations, while retaining artistic control and complete ownership of their intellectual property.

Responsible AI by design

Our commitment to the responsible use of AI is unwavering. We understand the implications of AI and, as pioneers in visualization, we will set the standard for data ethics. We will be transparent in our AI processes, algorithms, and collection of user data, with utmost respect for user privacy.

Fostering trust in Innovation

The pace of AI technology adoption is directly linked to user trust. At the foundation of Chaos’ AI technology is a right to privacy and security of ownership. We will foster an environment where creatives can embrace AI with confidence, knowing that their interests are safeguarded.

Accelerating creativity with AI

Sample technologies under development at Chaos.
PBR Rendering (text to materials)

A transformative solution that creates complex, realistic PBR materials from text descriptions or reference images, streamlining workflows, promoting creativity, and elevating visual quality for architects, VFX artists, game designers, and filmmakers in the M&E industry.

Smart Scene Populator

Automates the placement of assets within a 3D scene, boosting efficiency, enhancing realism, and allowing architects and M&E professionals to focus on creative exploration rather than manual tasks.

Style Transfer

Style Transfer allows you to apply different visual styles to your renders based on reference images, facilitating creative exploration and unique aesthetics.

Lifestyle Image

Effortlessly converts product images into lifestyle visuals, using prompts to create vivid pictures of the offerings in real-life settings.

Material Aging Simulator

Simulates the natural aging process of materials in 3D, providing architects and M&E professionals with the ability to visualize long-term durability and aesthetic changes, enhancing their design decisions.

Voice Interface

Control your workflow using your voice, freeing your hands and speeding up your creative process.

Set Extender

Create a portion of a 3D set and then intelligently extends it, saving production time and fostering creativity in scene development.

Historical Asset Learner

The Historical Asset Learner learns from users' past asset creations to predict future needs, enhancing efficiency and personalization.

Intelligent Lighting Optimizer

Automatically suggests and adjusts lighting in your scenes, achieving the desired mood and enhancing realism.

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