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Frequently asked questions

Our education policy is designed to help you use the latest Chaos technology in your classroom or for your personal learning needs.

Below, you will find answers to the most frequent questions about the relationship between Chaos® and Students, Educators, Educational Institutions, and Training Centers.

Educational institutions

We’re an educational institution. Do you offer educational licenses for non-commercial purposes?

Yes. Chaos offers special discounts for educational institutions. These include public and private universities, colleges, junior colleges, elementary, middle schools, high schools, technical schools and commercial training companies.

What types of discounts do you offer?

We offer progressive volume discounts which allow institutions to easily scale up their licenses and still meet their budgeting needs.

How do we purchase educational licenses?

Educational licenses can be purchased directly from Chaos or through our authorized resellers worldwide. Go to our Find a Reseller page and select your region and the product(s) you’re interested in. 

How can I get a quote or offer for educational licenses?

For an official quote, email us at, fill in the form or contact your local reseller.

Do you offer longer licensing terms?

Yes. We offer 3-year term licenses with additional discounts.

What are the benefits of Chaos educational licenses?
  • Fully featured, commercial-grade software — with a big discount!
  • Unlimited access to new product releases for the duration of the license.
  • Free technical support and access to Chaos’ educational resources.
  • Easy online licensing — Licensing that’s fast and secure, with no physical dongles to manage and keep track of. Get access to your software quickly.
Are educational institutions allowed to purchase licenses for their students and take advantage of the volume discounts?

Yes. Educational institutions can purchase licenses on behalf of their students. The purchased seats will be added to the university’s account and then may be assigned to individual students or teachers through the Self-Service Portal. To learn more about the Self-Service Portal, please contact us at

Volume discounts will be applied according to the Pricing policy for Education.

Students / Educators

Do you offer student licenses?

Yes. We have a special offer for students on all Chaos educational products. 

Do student licenses differ from commercial licenses in terms of functionality?

No. Student licenses are fully functional and don’t have watermarks, however they are only to be used for non-profit work.

How can I purchase a student license and Chaos Cloud credits?

Educational licenses and Chaos Cloud credits can be purchased directly from the Chaos Website or through our authorized resellers worldwide. Go to our Find a Reseller page and select your location.

I am a student. How do I prove my eligibility?

To verify your student status, you’ll need to submit valid proof of your current enrollment at a government-accredited educational institution, using this form. To access the form, log in to your Chaos account or create one if you haven’t already.

Please fill in the details and upload a valid, dated student ID which includes your name and photo. If you don’t have a current student ID, you can provide a valid photo and other evidence of current enrollment.

What is considered valid evidence of current enrollment?
  • An academic document which states your enrolment status, your name, educational institution and dates of enrolment. Examples include a transcript of records, current student report card or progress report, dated current class schedule, etc.
  • A tuition bill with your name and the educational institution’s name on it.
Do I need to be an active student to be able to purchase a student license?

Yes. To qualify for student discount pricing, you need to be enrolled in an academic degree program and submit proof of student status.

Can I purchase unlimited licenses with the student discount?

No. Students are eligible to purchase 1 license per product with the student discount.

Can I purchase additional render nodes to render my school projects?

No. As per policy students are not eligible for additional render nodes.

Do you offer student licenses to recently graduated students?

Student licenses are only available to active students who can provide proof of student status.

Can I upgrade my student license to a commercial one?

 Yes, with our student-to-professional upgrade policy, you can upgrade your annual educational license to the same-term commercial licenses with a 30% discount on the regular price. Learn more >

I am an educator. Do you offer educational licenses for educators?

Yes. All educators, currently employed by an accredited educational institution are eligible for an Education license for any of Chaos’s products. You can learn more about our policy for educators here.

What is a government-accredited educational institution?

A government-accredited educational institution is defined as a:

  • University or college — accredited public or private university or college (including community, junior or vocational college) that grants academic degrees.
  • Primary or secondary school — accredited public or private primary or secondary school providing full-time instruction.

A non-government-accredited institution includes commercial training companies such as training centers, online course platforms, etc. 

Training centers

We’re a training center, not a university. Can we still access Chaos education licenses?

 Yes. Commercial training companies are welcome to purchase Chaos Education licenses for their training needs, at a discounted price. To get a quote, please fill in this form or contact us at

Do you offer certification for Training centers?

No. Currently there are no official certification options for Training Centers. 

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