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Corona 12 for 3ds Max and Cinema 4D

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Corona 12 is here, bringing eagerly anticipated features that allow you to expand your creative horizons. Effortlessly export scenes to Chaos Vantage and render images in seconds. Achieve stunning photorealism with the new Corona Pattern improvements, curved decals, Scatter Instance Brush in Corona for 3ds Max, and the revamped VFB.


Real-time scene exploration & GPU rendering in Vantage.

Scene export from Corona to Vantage

Combine the ease of use and unmatched photorealism of Corona with the high-end real-time ray tracing of Vantage to achieve the archviz dream — fast and easy photoreal rendering. Now, effortlessly export scenes to Vantage, explore them in real-time and render images in seconds. Create short animations directly in Vantage and enjoy the lightning-fast speed of GPU rendering.

Note: With the introduction of Live Link in Corona 13, users will be able to import animations created in Corona for 3ds Max and Cinema 4D and render them in Vantage.

More powerful detailing of scenes.

Curved Decals

Curved Decals allow users to perfectly bend labels to round or curved objects such as bottles, cups, etc. without any distortions and with incredible ease. Labels can be bent up to the full 360 degrees to map a pattern around an object. In addition, decals can now be bent around a second axis, allowing users to add decals to spherical objects like balls, balloons and more.

Corona Pattern improvements

Create new and incredibly realistic materials with the help of Corona Pattern. Geometric objects can now be used to define the shape of the crop box, allowing designers to employ snapping tools and more to get the perfect pattern.

New Scatter controls.


Scatter Instance Brush (Corona for 3ds Max) 

Get further creative control over the scattering process with the new Scatter Instance Brush in Corona for 3ds Max. Refine your procedural scatter to the last detail, using a brush to paint in or delete procedural instances.

New VFB & improved workflow.


Revamped Virtual Frame Buffer (VFB)

Experience a more streamlined workflow with the ability to save multiple LightMix setups within one render. Easily compare images with different resolutions and aspect ratios. Save time by loading a Corona EXR (.cxr) file and going straight to editing it. Enjoy these and more new features along with an enhanced user interface in the new version of the Corona Virtual Frame Buffer (VFB).

Other improvements.

Improved Corona Sky

Fading in from day to night has never been better. The improved Corona Sky supports even lower sun angles below the horizon, which makes day/night animations and still images more realistic and immersive.

Density parameter

Now Corona Sky also includes a Density parameter — lower it to make your clouds thin and wispy all the way down to invisible, or raise it to make them dense and thunderously heavy.

Cryptomatte by material

Enjoy a more streamlined workflow with the new Cryptomatte by material. The Cryptomatte render element now works correctly in Distributed Rendering (3ds Max) and Team Render (Cinema 4D), and when using Resume Render.

Enhanced material conversions

The conversion from VRayMaterial to Corona Physical Material has been enhanced, improving imports from Chaos Cosmos. In Cinema 4D, the Scene Converter can now convert between Corona and C4D bitmaps and supports the conversion of V-Ray lights.

Corona Materials now in Chaos Cosmos

The Corona Material library is now available also on Chaos Cosmos which can save you time switching between the two asset libraries.

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