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© Vedat Afuzi
© Vedat Afuzi

Getting started with Corona for 3ds Max.

Everything you need to begin your journey with Corona for 3ds Max and create stunning renders.

Most new users learn Corona in just one day — and fall in love with it in two. 

Create your first Corona render quickly and easily using our beginner-friendly collection of learning resources, including tutorials, webinars, detailed documentation, and free scenes. Once you are comfortable with the basics, be sure to enroll in our Corona Academy to elevate your visualization skills to the next level.


Installation & activation

Follow our guide to install Corona for 3ds Max and activate your license in just a few simple steps.

Create your first render.

After successfully installing and activating Corona, you’ll want to create a scene and test it out. Here is a user-friendly tutorial on how to quickly and easily create your very first render. By the end of this video you will be able to realistically illuminate your scene, add 3D models and materials, before rendering your final image. Download the empty Interior Scene if you want to follow along.



Explore Corona’s key features to achieve photorealism in the easiest way possible.
LightMix with Chaos Corona for 3ds Max

With LightMix you easily adjust the intensity and color of your lights in the frame buffer. As well as create, save and load multiple lighting scenarios from just one render.

Denoising with Chaos Corona for 3ds Max

Learn how to use denoising to significantly reduce the time and passes required for a clean render. Discover which denoising option is best for your render and which settings, if any, you may need to adjust.

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Want to elevate your skills?

Join Corona Academy to learn how to create scenes from start to finish.


Learn about the latest updates and new features from our live webinars.

Free scenes

Get a head start in learning Corona for 3ds Max with this collection of free scenes.

Help docs

The Chaos documentation is the best place to find in-depth explanations of each Corona feature and parameter, along with detailed information on various settings.

See help docs

Chaos blog

Get all the latest Corona news, customer stories, podcasts, and more.
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