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Frequently asked questions
What's on the offer?

If you purchase a new annual subscription for V-Ray or Enscape licenses between May 22 - June 25, you get:

  • 10% off a new annual subscription (Promo code: Bridge10) Valid for purchase of all annual types of subscriptions for V-Ray and Enscape. 
  • 30 Library Gift assets at the value of 199 euro - to be redeemed in Cosmos Library or Enscape Account.
  • 20% off on your second Chaos product. Buy an annual Enscape floating license and get 20% off your annual V-Ray Premium license (or vice versa). Valid for purchase of  V-Ray Premium/Enterprise or Enscape floating only. 
How can I get the additional 20% discount after I purchase V-Ray/Enscape?

After you make the initial purchase with a 10% discount you will receive an email with a unique promo code in order to make the second purchase and take control of the full benefits of annual subscriptions of V-Ray Premium and Enscape Floating.

What are the Gift assets?

Gift Assets are exclusive high quality furniture models from Cylindo. 

For which products can the offer be claimed?

The 10% discount applies to all new yearly licenses for all V-Ray or Enscape subscription plans. 

The 20% discount applies for a second purchase of a Chaos product and is valid only for purchase of V-Ray Premium/Enterprise or Enscape floating.

Does the offer count for student licenses?

This offer can only be applied to commercial V-Ray yearly full-priced subscriptions. Read more about student licenses

When I purchase a V-Ray or Enscape subscription plan, can I use V-Ray / Enscape with all supported host applications?

Yes you can, it will be a full license.  

Can I start my free trial now and claim the offer when my free trial is over?

Yes you can claim the offer with the purchase of a new yearly license during or when the trial expires as long as the purchase is in the period May 22 - June 25.  

Is the offer also applicable to an upgrade from V-Ray Solo to Premium licenses?​

The offer can only be applied to purchases of new yearly licenses.  

Can the offer be applied when adding new seats to existing licenses?

This offer is only valid for purchases of new yearly V-Ray and Enscape licenses. If you already have a license and want to take advantage of this offer, you can purchase a new license via our website or your preferred reseller.  

I already have a license, can this offer be applied to my renewal?

This offer is only valid for new yearly licenses and can not be applied to existing products.  

Does this automatically extend/renew my current subscription?

Тhis offer is unrelated to any previous purchases. Your existing license is not affected. 

Will I also receive the offer for my next renewal?

The discount will be applied only for your first year of your subscription. The subscription will then automatically renew at the full price for the next 12 months.  

Can I purchase now but postpone the start date of the subscription?

The subscription term will start upon the purchase and cannot be postponed.

Can I save this offer and claim it later in the future?

The offer is valid for a limited time only. It can't be used for purchases after June 25. If you are interested in hearing about future offers, sign up for our newsletter for product news, updates, and offers. 

I am an existing customer - how can I get the 20% discount?

You can get a 20% discount to buy the second product of the archviz workflow (Enscape Floating or V-Ray Premium depending on what license you currently hold). Please contact our Sales team for V-Ray or Enscape in order to discuss your options. 

I have a single Enscape license - can I purchase 3 more V-Ray licenses with a discount?

Yes you can - the discount is not limited to the number of seats. 

I already have a monthly license, will it automatically end when I buy the promo?

Тhe monthly subscription will not automatically end. You can disable auto-renewal in your V-Ray / Enscape Account to the next renewal date. The offer is valid if you buy NEW yearly subscriptions and not for monthly license. 

Is the offer valid for 3Y licenses for V-Ray / Enscape?

The offer is valid for 1 year licenses only and not for 3 year licenses.

Can I request an alignment of renewal dates for licenses purchased as part of the promo with existing subscriptions?

You can request alignment of the renewal dates for the licenses purchased as part of the promotion with your existing subscriptions, to the furthest renewal date. Please reach out to Chaos Support to request this alignment. The discount will only be applied to the prorated period and can be done up until one month prior to the renewal date of the subscription you want to align to.

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