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Chaos Group Launches V-Rаy for NUKE

Fully Integrated Ray Traced Rendering Now Available for The Foundry's Industry-Standard Compositing Tool

SOFIA, Bulgaria – August 11, 2015 – Today, Chaos Group launches V-Ray for NUKE, a new approach to lighting and compositing that integrates production-quality ray traced rendering into NUKE and NUKEX. Compositors can now take advantage of V-Ray's lighting, shading and rendering tools inside NUKE's node-based workflow.

V-Ray for NUKE brings the same technology used on Game of Thrones, Avengers: Age of Ultron, and hundreds of other film, commercial and television projects to professional compositors. Built on the same adaptive rendering core as V-Ray’s industry-standard plugins for Autodesk 3ds Max and Maya, V-Ray for NUKE is ready for all production pipelines. 

"V-Ray for NUKE gives me the creative freedom I've always wanted as a compositor; it’s addictive,” said Shahin Toosi, lighting and senior compositor at Lipsync VFX. “I can work on lighting and comp at the same time and see the results right away. There’s no more waiting for a test render to come back from other departments. It's definitely a faster workflow.”  

V-Ray for NUKE gives compositors the ability to adjust lighting, materials and render elements all the way up until final shot delivery. Full control of 3D scenes in NUKE lets compositors match 2D footage and 3D renders simultaneously. For environments and set extension work, this cuts out the traditional back and forth that costs studios valuable time.  

“The introduction of V-Ray for NUKE adds a powerful component to a comprehensive pipeline,” said Sean Brice, product manager for NUKE, The Foundry. “By bringing increased creative capabilities and efficiencies to the pipeline, artists can focus more on the creative process, achieving better results in less time.”  


  • Multithreaded CPU rendering 
  • Highly optimized, adaptive ray tracing 
  • Precise path traced global illumination 


  • NUKE ReadGeo – Alembic, FBX, & OBJ 
  • V-Ray proxy objects – Alembic & vrmesh 
  • V-Ray scene files – vrscene 


  • HDR image-based environment lights 
  • Rectangular & spherical area lights 
  • Mesh lights 
  • Photometric IES lights 
  • Ambient light 
  • NUKE lights – Direct, Point, Spot


  • NUKE projection cameras – Project3D node 
  • Depth of field 
  • 3D motion blur 
  • Spherical, cylindrical, cube & fish eye camera types 


  • Physically-based materials 
  • Multi-layered materials 
  • Subsurface scattering & skin material 
  • Car paint material 
  • Material overrides 
  • NUKE shaders – Diffuse, Emission, Displacement, UVTILE 


  • Memory efficient tiled EXR and TX files 
  • Displacement & subdivision 
  • Dirt & occlusion 
  • Fresnel 
  • Ptex 
  • Utility & override textures 

Render elements 

  • 36 beauty, matte, and utility render elements 

Pricing & Availability 

V-Ray for NUKE is available now through select resellers. A V-Ray for NUKE Workstation license can be purchased for €750. This includes one floating user license and one floating render node. V-Ray for NUKE can render on existing V-Ray 3.0 for 3ds Max and Maya render node licenses.

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Originally published: August 11, 2015.
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