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© Burrows
Kitchen Rendering: Essential V-Ray techniques for stunning visualizations

The kitchen is not just a place for cooking; it's the heart of the home, where design meets functionality. Learn how V-Ray can turn up the heat on your designs.

© Dabarti
Coming soon: V-Ray for ARM

Powering the renders of the future: V-Ray is set to take advantage of the reduced power consumption and uncompromising performance of ARM-based CPUs.

© Jonathan Evans
3D furniture rendering: everything you need to know

Join Ricardo Ortiz for the ultimate guide to 3D furniture rendering and discover comprehensive insights and expert techniques so you can explore, create, and innovate.

MaterialX and V-Ray: Crafting the next chapter in 3D creativity

Discover how V-Ray 6, update 2 integrated MaterialX into V-Ray for Maya and Houdini's Solaris for effortless shader graph exchange and seamless collaboration.

A v-ray render of timber-clad apartments with birds© Prompt
Prompt on prompts: Creative studio talks AI

Francesco Testa, founder of archviz and creative studio Prompt, gives his thoughts on the past, present, and future of AI and what it means for artists.

How we made Chaos Scatter — and where it's going next

V-Ray Product Specialist Petya Georgieva explains how the latest version of Chaos Scatter will make it even easier to populate scenes with multiple objects .

The sky’s the limit: talented student on interning with Chaos' Innovation Lab

Computer graphics student Martin Mirbauer got hands-on with software development during his internship with Chaos’ Innovation Lab. He shares his experiences.

Architecture by Squirrel Design
How V-Ray users can unlock design options with Enscape

From iterations to lighting scenarios and interactive walkthroughs, Enscape can help throughout V-Ray architecture workflows. Archilime’s Dan Stone explains more.

Scene by Marko Dabrovic
Path Guiding with Intel® Open PGL in V-Ray

V-Ray 6.1 includes support for Intel's Open PGL, which gives faster results in indirectly illuminated scenes. Learn more in this blog post written with Intel.

© Christian Debney
How V-Ray, Phoenix, and Chaos Cloud helped “Starship” shoot for Mars

Christian Debney’s SpaceX-inspired short film ignites rocket fuel and tugs heartstrings. Find out how the director launched human feelings into outer space.

Archilime/Architecture by Squirrel Design
The best of both worlds: Using V-Ray and Enscape for archviz

Why not both? Archilime's Dan Stone reveals how uniting Enscape and V-Ray for SketchUp can power up architectural workflows and open new creative possibilities.

V-Ray wins Leader badge and more in G2’s spring 2023 Grid Report

We’re gonna need a bigger sweater: Software review service awards V-Ray with badges for customer satisfaction, performance in Europe, user scores, and more.

The light touch: Your complete guide to V-Ray lens effects

The V-Ray Frame Buffer’s Bloom and Glare lens effects are the unsung heroes of great renders. Expert Ricardo Ortiz explains how they work and how to use them.

© Ken Vollmer
How to build your best rendering machine ever

About to upgrade your computer? Check out CG expert Ricardo Ortiz’s handy hardware guide and discover where you can get the best rendering bang for your buck.

a v-ray render of a house in the woods with stairs, big windows, mist© BOC
The natural touch: Using Chaos Vantage to create outstanding archviz

Chaos Vantage’s real-time ray-traced rendering revolutionized BOC’s workflow. The archviz studio’s co-founder, Dương Thanh Nguyên, shares his favorite features.

Leveraging Chaos Cloud for undecillions of product variations

3D furniture visualization platform Cylindo creates unfathomable numbers of product images. Find out how the software works — and why it’s powered by Chaos Cloud.

© Uniform
Rendering as a productivity enhancer at every stage of a project

There’s more to rendering than eye-catching images and animations — it can help from the beginning to the end of any project. Expert Ricardo Eloy explains how.

Going Big: Award-winning Brazilian creative studio talks rendering with Chaos Cloud

Big Studios has mastered everything from cute animations to realistic car renders. CCO Ricardo Passos tells us how they work and the benefits of adopting Chaos Cloud.

© Shangyu Wang
What judges look for in winning student rendering challenge entries

Chaos China’s Shusen Zhao talks to render challenge winners and judges about their journeys in 3D, finding inspiration — and how they choose competition winners.

5 things we learned at ASAI’s Architecture in Perspective Conference

The American Society of Architectural Illustrators visited London for its 37th conference — and Chaos was there. Discover what we learned from the industry’s luminaries.

© Nuno Silva
Exterior Architectural Rendering: Basics

In the first part of our exterior architectural rendering guide, V-Ray expert Ricardo Ortiz introduces key techniques to bring your buildings to life.

© Mihail Bendus
Architectural Interior Rendering: Basics

Learn the basics of architectural interior rendering with V-Ray expert Ricardo Ortiz. Discover our features for high-quality, photorealistic renders.

Scanline VFX © 2022 Netflix
How Scanline VFX created some of "Stranger Things 4’s" most talked-about sequences

The latest season of Netflix’s megahit includes some of its scariest scenes yet. Scanline VFX’s Justin Mitchell reveals how V-Ray rendering helped tackle them.

FMX 2019 recap

Chaos Group brings together stars of animation, visual effects and mixed reality for behind-the-scenes access and demonstrations of the versatility of V-Ray.

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