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V-Ray 5 for Revit Beta

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Real-time in V-Ray for Revit is here.

Design and collaborate on your model in real-time, right inside Revit. Try it now.


Speed up your workflow

V-Ray Vision gives you a realistic real-time view of your model as you develop it. You can rapidly iterate, make better design decisions and communicate more effectively with stakeholders working on the project.

Explore lighting like never before

With the new Light Mix feature, you can experiment with all the light sources in your scene after you have rendered. Group your lights, tweak their brightness or change their color to find what best fits your space.

Post-process inside Revit

Our redesigned Frame Buffer comes with powerful new features that take you beyond just rendering. You don’t need a separate app for compositing or color corrections — they can be handled with V-Ray and saved as presets for future projects.

New workflows for improved efficiency

Sketch your ideas with a click

The new global Contours setting helps you give a sketch-like look to your concepts. Apply them to the whole model automatically or use them selectively to highlight certain objects.

Streamlined proxy material setup

We've simplified the proxy material assignment process with the V-Ray Asset Editor. Assign materials in the Editor once, save them along with the mesh file and you can reuse this configuration in any project.

Add realism to Revit materials

Now Displacement is not limited only to V-Ray materials — it’s an asset of its own that’s easy to apply to native materials.

More creative freedom with the Sun & Sky

Studying your design’s interaction with natural light has never been easier. With more control over the sky generation parameters and access to our improved sky model, your sunrises and sunsets will never look better.

More realistic materials

Randomize textures for realism

Use the UVW Placement asset to randomize patterns and colors of V-Ray materials as they would appear in the real world.

Coat & Sheen Layers

Quickly create polished surfaces of your materials with the new Coat layer. Utilize the new Sheen layer to create realistic fabrics such as velvet, satin or silk.

Dirt & Weathering

Add weathering effects to any surface of your model with the improved V-Ray Dirt texture.

Improved Material Library

Save time by downloading our render-ready Material library, containing over 500 high-resolution 4K textures such as glass, metal, wood and many more.

For a full list of features, visit our Documentation page >
Give the new features a try. Let us know what you think on our forum >

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