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XRender is an efficient and convenient cloud rendering service platform for animation, VFX, architecture design, interior design, industrial design and etc.As a PaaS+SaaS service platform, we are cooperating with the public clouds globally. Based on the super computing power of the public clouds, we can provide with dynamic & massive rendering nodes, cutting-edge configuration equipment, state-of-the-art data security system and the world-class transferring solution, which helps to complete the rendering of different scale projects quickly and efficiently.

V-Ray for Houdini

Top studios to freelancers, from over 90 countries, trust GridMarkets. Both turn to us with complex or time sensitive projects. We reliably deliver to specified deadlines by scaling machine counts (up to 180) and configurations (up to 96 VCPUs or 8 Tesla V100s per machine) as needed. Our global support team provides responsive service throughout the project lifecycle. For budget sensitive projects, try our no queuing simple-submit economy solutions. To render block-buster Houdini, Cinema 4d or other 3D projects, see

V-Ray for Houdini
United Kingdom

The heat generated by a 90 minute animation could provide hot water for 20,000 homes for a day. Nearly all render farms waste that heat, and have big air conditioning costs to deal with it. Our ground-breaking render platform re-uses that heat and heats the water in people’s homes, significantly reducing its environmental impact. An 8k render on our network could save ~3kg of carbon and heat ~70 litres of water for a family who needs help with their fuel costs. If your environmental and social impact is important to you, we can help you set up a more sustainable workflow for some of your rendering. Get in touch now to find out more. Give the network a try with £20 credit; upload your .vrscene file and assets to get a preview render and see how much your render will cost - before you begin. Any questions just call, chat or send us an email. +44 (0) 1483 677 147.

V-Ray for Houdini

3S Cloud Render Farm (3S) is a collective of passionate members with a blend of art and technology. This is the reason why 3S deeply understands the pain points of 3D artists during rendering tasks. Therefore, 3S is here to tackle and bring a render farm with SPEED – STABILITY – SATISFACTION (3S). 3S gives you an unlimited number of CPU/GPU servers with high-configuration to speed up your rendering and to make sure you never are in queues. With just a few clicks, it's no longer difficult for you to render images with 12k resolution. And, the Free Preview Render feature provides you accurate cost & time estimates and a preview image for free. There are many useful & interesting features on 3S, let's enjoy your valuable time.

V-Ray for Houdini

Commercial render farms listed above are the only ones authorized by Chaos to provide rendering services. For quality and security purposes, we do not support render farms not on this list.

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