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October 4, 2022London, 영국
Grasshopper UK User Group Meeting
Join Arup, Bimorph, Chaos and McNeel for an engaging knowledge-sharing event featuring industry insights, company updates, as well as an overview on new product features.

Date: 4th October 2022
Location: London, UK

Join Arup, Bimorph, Chaos and McNeel for an engaging knowledge-sharing event featuring industry insights, company updates, as well as an overview on new product features. Chaos’s CG Specialist Yordan Zarev will lead a talk on V-Ray 6 for Rhino’s exciting new features, how they can help you aid your design process and bring your creative ideas to life.

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September 27 - 29, 2022New Orleans, 미국
Chaos at Autodesk University
Want to know more about real-time and photorealistic rendering? Join Enscape and Chaos in New Orleans.

Date: September 27 - 29
Location: New Orleans, USA

At this year’s Autodesk University, Chaos will join Enscape for a presentation on real-time and photorealistic rendering options. You’ll find out about new options for rapid iteration and collaboration, and Chaos’ Ana Lyubenova will show V-Ray’s rendering workflow in action and give you a sneak peek at V-Ray 6 for Revit.

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September 26 - 30, 2022Vancouver, 캐나다
3D Basecamp Vancouver
Join Chaos and Enscape to discover our latest additions for SketchUp.

Date: September 26 - 30
Location: Vancouver, B.C.

3D Basecamp is an essential event for discovering what’s new in SketchUp — and Chaos and Enscape will share a booth to show off our latest plugins. We’ll also host a masterclass from CG Specialist Ivan Kozaliev on September 27, and two insightful presentations on lighting and materials from Archilime archviz expert Dan Stone on September 28.

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September 24 - 28, 2022Berlin, 독일
Chaos at Design Symposium Week
Learn how to use Enscape and V-Ray to create high-end renders of your Rhino projects.

Date: September 24 - 28
Location: University of the Arts Berlin, Germany

During this two-day workshop, aimed at everyone from basic to advanced Rhino users, you will learn how to use Enscape and V-Ray, powerful plugins that can help visualize your designs in stunning quality. You’ll gain experience in real-time rendering to support your design workflow and create high-end renders of your Rhino projects.

We will start the first day with modeling exercises in Rhino. While creating the 3D model, we will continuously use real-time rendering with Enscape to better understand our design and explore ways to communicate it. When the design is complete, we will cover the basics of visualizing our project with the help of Enscape and V-Ray. We will showcase how to create and use materials and set up lighting scenarios to add depth and drama to your scenes. Finally, we will make use of the camera, which will bring us to the creation of stunning renders and videos. 

The second day will feature a deep dive into V-Ray, which we’ll use to render a photorealistic image of our design. We will curate our scene with the help of Chaos’s ecosystem, then explore how to make use of composition, lighting, custom materials, and atmospheric and lens effects. Finally, you’ll find out how to post-process images within V-Ray.

We will end the workshop with tips and tricks from our experts.

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September 22, 2022Online
The Chaos Campus Live Show, Episode 7
Join host Nikos Nikolopoulos and guest Alessandro Michelazzi for a special talk on composition and how to make beautiful images.

In the next episode of The Chaos Campus Live Show we'll meet Alessandro Michelazzi, an internationally awarded photographer and educator based in Florence. His specialization ranges from portrait and street style photography to landscape and cityscape travel photography. The love for new technologies led him to be one of the first professional photographers to embrace smartphone photography, CGI and 360 intereactive photos in his work. Him and host Nikos Nikolopoulos will do a deep dive into the philosophy of composition and reveal the key ingredients to making an image stand out. 

Starting time: 3PM GMT

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September 15 - 16, 2022Wrocław, 폴란드
3D Basecamp Poland 2022
Discover how to make the most of V-Ray for SketchUp for interiors and exteriors.

Date: September 15 - 16
Location: The Bridge, Wrocław

Trimble’s premiere SketchUp event is heading to Poland — and Chaos will be there. On September 15, at 2:10 PM, rendering expert Ivan Kozaliev will show you how to create beautiful exterior renders with V-Ray for SketchUp, and on September 16, at 4:00 PM, he’ll cover interiors. You can also check out the V-Ray booth to witness the latest V-Ray features in action.

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September 8 - 9, 2022Online
24 Hours of Chaos
24 Hours of Chaos is back for its third edition! Join the global CG event by the community, for the community.
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24 Hours of Chaos is a series of 12 back-to-back online shows, uniting 3D artists and designers from around the world working in arch viz, VFX, animation, gaming, product design, and more. This year’s 24 Hours of Chaos will be more interactive than ever before. Get ready to take part in the panel discussions, quizzes, and giveaways together with the CG industry's true innovators.

Join us live on YouTube, Twitch, and Facebook on September 8-9, starting 6 P.M. (GMT +1).

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August 25, 2022Online
The Chaos Campus Live Show, Episode 6
Join host Nikos Nikolopoulos and guest Teodor Vladov to discuss the power of personal project and tips on how to "feed" your inner artist and diversify your skillset.

In the next edition of The Chaos Campus Live Show, we get to meet Teodor Vladov - an arch viz artist with a decade full of experience to share. In 2012 Teo established Helldoor Visual Studio and has since been supporting architects, urban planners, investors and publicity bureaus in providing authentic, atmospheric imagery for their projects. For the last few years Teo has also been the Director of 3D and Architectural Design of a networking agency, focused on real-estate marketing. Tune in live to discover what's the driving force behind everything he's doing and how he views the power of personal projects.

Starting time: 3PM GMT

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April 21, 2022Online
The Chaos Campus Live Show, Episode 3
Join host Nikos Nikolopoulos and guest Sara Kolata for an insightful talk about digital entrepreneurship, winning clients & forming your online presence, blockchain tech and its influence over the CG industry, and world's first business of architecture conference - Disrupt.

In Episode 3 of The Chaos Campus Live Show we'll meet Sara Kolata - the host of the Arch Talk: Tank. We'll discuss the upcoming business of architecture conference, Disrupt. We'll talk about entrepreneurship and the importance of investing in education, how blockchain tech and NFTs influence the industry, and more!

Starting time: 3PM GMT

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March 17, 2022Online
The Chaos Campus Live Show, Episode 2
Join host Nikos Nikolopoulos and guest Ines Dga to learn about her experience stepping up into the professional world as a recent graduate. They'll discuss the importance of personal branding in the industry and more!

Ines Dga won the Public vote in the 2020 edition of the Chaos Student Rendering Challenge. Watch Episode 2 of The Chaos Campus Live Show to learn how her passion for storytelling helps her craft high-end ArchViz project, what are the stepping stones between academia and the professional world, and how important creating your personal brand is. Become a member of the Chaos Campus community on Facebook to enjoy more exclusive content and find your new friends in the industry.

Starting time: 3PM GMT

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March 8 - 10, 2022Online
Ian Spriggs joins Chaos @ THU Career Camp 2022
Chaos will host a workshop on Lighting Humans with world-renowned digital portrait artist Ian Spriggs as part of the Technical Track option.

Dates: March 8-10 (online)

Starting in 2020, THU’s Career Camp has quickly grown into one of the biggest online events for recruiting and mentoring digital artists. 

How is Chaos participating: 

This year, on March 9, 8pm CET time, Chaos will host a workshop on Lighting Humans with world-renowned digital portrait artist Ian Spriggs as part of the Technical Track option.

In Ian’s class, he will look at how lighting, posing, and composition can breathe life into a digital human. You’ll learn how the Old Masters in art history brought storytelling and emotion into their work and incorporate some of their techniques. Ian will also take an in-depth look at how light can exaggerate a mood or a pose can magnify an expression. Once you’ve learned these techniques, you can direct them to reveal a subject's true identity, and bring believability to the digital human

The session will be one hour long with a live Q&A. 

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February 23, 2022Online
Join the Experts: Your Personal Introduction To V-Ray For SketchUp
Learn the tips and tricks of V-Ray 5 with Chaos and Elmtec UK.

Time: 1pm GMT

Join Elmtec UK and Chaos' CG specialist Ivan Kozaliev to find out how V-Ray 5 can support you throughout your interior workflow. See how to get set up, add materials and geometries from Chaos libraries, generate light setups automatically, and even change the appearance of an image after the render is finished.

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