One planet, one CG community, one 24-hour event.

24 Hours of Chaos is back for its third edition! Join the global CG event by the community, for the community.


We're throwing a friendly online gathering. 

24 Hours of Chaos is a series of 12 back-to-back online shows, uniting 3D artists and designers from around the world working in arch viz, VFX, animation, gaming, product design, and more.

Get involved to get inspired.

Peek behind the scenes of some of the most inspiring projects and personal stories, with in-depth presentations and hands-on demonstrations. We invite you to tune in, network with like-minded talent from all over the world, and enjoy the journey, presented by our exceptional hosts. 

When & where?

We look forward to seeing you online on September 8 and 9


back-to-back shows


60 +

hosts, speakers & guests



hour livestream

Join our global community tour.

We will livestream 12 shows in different time zones, starting with Show 1 from Western and Northern Europe. Each show will feature artists from various CG industries and countries. Hosts and speakers will join remotely from all over the world. Local times shown.


With the help of amazing CG leaders and organizations, we’re preparing to deliver 24 hours of community chaos. We have worked hard to bring you a curated selection of presenters - from industry professionals to students.

24 Hours of Chaos will be more interactive than before. Get ready to take part in the panel discussions, quizzes, and giveaways together with the CG industry's true innovators. It’s a truly unique chance to discover upcoming talent, get involved in the experiences, and learn about emerging global trends. And — most importantly — we aim to have fun, and hope you do as well.

Stay tuned for more news!

Learn more about the shows.

Show 1: GMT +1

Time: 18:00-20:00 (GMT+1)
Date: September 8

Hosted by: Ioanna Ivanova, Pedro Moreira & Nicklas Byriel Pedersen  

John Luke Hodgkins - Founder & Creative Director, Another Artist  

Andrea Baresi - Founder & 3D Artist, Aesthetica Studio
THE AESTHETICA MOMENT: Your best image is the next one.

Kristian Turner - Head of CGI, Wooden Gun
Cameras, Cars and Computer Generated Images.

Luis Inciarte - Director, Narrativ 
Robin Walker - Head of Creative & Associate, Narrativ  
ENTERING THE UNKNOWN: A creative journey beyond architecture. 

Show 2: GMT -3

Time: 16:00-18:00 (GMT-3)
Date: September 8

Hosted by: Ricardo Eloy & Victor Hugo Queiroz

Rodrigo Sotero - Animation Director, VFX Supervisor & 3D Generalist
Building a business as a creative.

André Holzmeister - Creative Director & Partner, Rise New York & Partners
Creating 3D generative character collections for the NFT space.

Victor Erthal - Art Director, Neoscape
V-Ray Master Talk: Live

Paulo Garcia - Creative Director, Zombie Studio
Advertising, music and the joys of creative freedom in 3D.

Show 3: GMT -4

Time: 17:00-19:00 (GMT-4)
Date: September 8 

Hosted by: Bruno Landry & Kim Lee

Lydie Philippe - 3D Artist, Groupe Lacasse
Being a 3d artist for a leader in manufacturing furniture.

Serge Morin - CEO, Lanterne Digitale
Digital Lantern - 3D Animation for innovators

Sergey Polishchuk - Data Capture TD & Tracking Supervisor, FuseFX

Show 4: GMT -5

Time: 18:00-20:00 (GMT-5)
Date: September 8  

Hosted by: Daniela Bringas, Nancy Moreno & Ricardo Ortiz

Mora Vieytes - Freelance 3D artist & Creative Designer

Isaac Zuren - 3D Generalist, ILM Australia

Cristian Bolivar - Texture artist, ILM Australia

Fernando Campos - Founder, Dark Frame

Show 5: GMT -7

Time: 18:00-20:00 (GMT-7)
Date: September 8  

Hosted by: Melissa Knight, Lon Grohs & Chris Nichols

Nitant Ashok Karnik - Compositing Supervisor, Blur Studio
Jean-Baptiste Cambier - CG Supervisor, Blur Studio
Computer Generated Nightmares and sinister beauty: creating the look for "Love, Death & Robots: Bad Travelling".

Barbara Grant - President, Prysm Stages/NEP Virtual Studios
Zach Alexander - President, Lux Machina Consulting/NEP Virtual Studios
Dos and Don'ts of Virtual Production.

Sally Slade - Co-founder & CTO, Voltaku
How real-time ray tracing changed Voltaku’s virtual production experience on Killtopia.

Show 6: GMT +10

Time: 13:00-15:00 (GMT+10)
Date: September 9

Hosted by: Alwyn Hunt & Josh Newman

Shane Aherne - Founder & Managing Director, ModelFarm

Daniel Flood - Managing Director, FloodSlicer

Ian Cope - Senior Vfx Producer, Rising Sun Pictures

Show 7: GMT +8

Time: 13:00-15:00 (GMT+8)
Date: September 9 

Hosted by: Reinaldo Handaya & Michael Khoo  

Sarah Zheng - Founder & Creative Director, APLOMB
Emily Zheng - Associate Partner, APLOMB
Navigating the ever-evolving Archviz landscape as a small studio.  

Andrew Suryadi - CEO, Dapoer Animasi
The ups and downs of growing a business in 3D education.

Rustom Tamayo - Freelance 3D ArchViz Artist
The challenges of entering the 3D industry as a beginnner artist.

Anggarda Tiratana - Head of Technology, Infinite Studios
Breaking into animation as an independent studio. 

Show 8: GMT +8

Time: 15:00-17:00 (GMT+8)
Date: September 9  

Hosted by: Liu Jingjing & Shusen Zhao

Zhelong Xu - Principal Digital Artist, Nvidia
V-Ray with NVIDIA GPU in creative workflow.

Ningjue Lyu - Assistant to Chairman, Fengyuzhu Culture Technology Company
From the digital age to the meta-universe age.

Yunshui Jin - Master's Degree Advisor, Tongji University
Introduction of animation 3D courses and practical achievements of Tongji University.

Show 9: GMT +5.30

Time: 14:30-16:30 (GMT+5:30)
Date: September 9  

Hosted by: Aman Bhadauria & Karan Parikh

Saurabh Ranjan - Founder, Liminal

Utsav Sinha - Virtual Production Specialist, Green Rain Studios

Avinash Kumar - Co-founder, Quicksand & UnBox

Sameer Pitalwalla - Head of Gaming, APAC, Google Cloud

Show 10: GMT +3

Time: 14:00-16:00 (GMT+3)
Date: September 9

Hosted by: Samiha Dhifaoui & Samia Chelbi

Rami Emad - Co-founder, Studio 88

Rita Nassour - 3D Visualizer

Mohamed Hesham - Architect, Trust Engineering

Nidhal Agerbi - 3D Environment Artist & Game Designer

Show 11: GMT +2

Time: 15:00-17:00 (GMT+2)
Date: September 9

Hosted by: Terri Brown & Andrew Mboyi

Andrew Mcnally - Partner & Director, Lucan Studio

Novak Miller - Founder & Director, Post November

Reboza Linigny Mahefa - Principle Architect & Founder, RMAW

Michael Howard - Concept Artist, Chocolate Tribe 

Show 12: GMT +3

Time: 18:00-20:00 (GMT+3)
Date: September 9

Hosted by: Albena Ivanova & Tom Grimes

Margarita Nikita - Co-founder, High Q Renders
A rocky start makes great climbers.

Julian Sadokha - Founder, Suburbia

Milko Marinov- Motion Graphic & 3D Specialist, @eye.vs.eye, Oblik Studio
My journey from graphic design to the world of 3D.

Product Managers' team - Chaos
What's new in V-Ray and at Chaos.


Speakers & presentations

An epic line-up including 50+ speakers from around the world.
Meet the speakers


Ioanna Ivanova

3D Artist

Show 1: GMT +1  
Hosting from: London, UK 

Pedro Moreira


Show 1: GMT +1  
Hosting from: Coimbra, PORTUGAL

Nicklas Byriel Pedersen

Chaos Theory

Show 1: GMT +1  
Hosting from: Grenaa, DENMARK

Ricardo Eloy

Chaos Evangelist

Show 2: GMT -3  
Hosting from: São Paulo, BRAZIL

Victor Hugo Queiroz

Visual Development 3D Artist

Show 2: GMT -3
Hosting from:  São Paulo, BRAZIL

Bruno Landry

Senior Product Manager - Professional Artistry

Show 3: GMT -4
Hosting from: Montreal, CANADA 

Kim Lee

CG Supervisor

Show 3: GMT -4
Hosting from: New York, USA  

Daniela Bringas

3D Artist

Show 4: GMT -5  
Hosting from: Mexico City, MEXICO

Nancy Moreno

3D Artist & Architect

Show 4: GMT -5
Hosting from: Mérida, MEXICO 

Ricardo Ortiz

Chaos Evangelist

Show 4: GMT -5
Hosting from: Mexico City, MEXICO  

Lon Grohs

Global Head of Creative

Show 5: GMT -7  
Hosting from: Los Angeles, USA

Chris Nichols

Director of Chaos Labs & host of CG Garage Podcast

Show 5: GMT -7   
Hosting from: Los Angeles, USA 

Melissa Knight

Creative Director

Show 5: GMT -7   
Hosting from: Los Angeles, USA  

Joshua Newman


Show 6: GMT +10
Hosting from: Kingscliff, AUSTRALIA

Alwyn Hunt

The Rookies

Show 6: GMT +10
Hosting from: Adelaide, AUSTRALIA   

Reinaldo Handaya

CVO & Co-Founder
2G Studio, 2G Academy

Show 7: GMT +8
Hosting from: Bali, INDONESIA

Michael Khoo

3D Visualizer
Cera Stribley  

Show 7: GMT +8
Hosting from: MALAYSIA

Shusen Zhao

Chaos Evangelist & Founder
V-Ray Station

Show 8: GMT +8
Hosting from: Nanjing, CHINA 

Liu JingJing

Harbin Institute of Technology  

Show 8: GMT +8
Hosting from: Harbin, CHINA  

Aman Bhadauria


Show 9: GMT +5.30
Hosting from: New Delhi, INDIA

Karan Parikh

CEO & Founder
Green Rain Studios

Show 9: GMT +5.30
Hosting from: Mumbai, INDIA 

Samiha Dhifaoui

3D Visualization Artist  

Show 10: GMT +3
Hosting from: Doha, QATAR

Samia Chelbi

Creative & Digital Engineering Expert & Founder
Net-Info & DigiArtLivingLab

Show 10: GMT +3
Hosting from: Tunis, TUNISIA 

Andrew Mboyi

Founder, 3D Artist & Architect

Show 11: GMT +2
Hosting from: Cape Town, SOUTH AFRICA

Terri Brown

Freelance 3D Artist

Show 11: GMT +2
Hosting from:  Johannesburg, SOUTH AFRICA 

Albena Ivanova

Sales Lead - VFX

Show 12: GMT +3
Hosting from: Sofia, BULGARIA

Tom Grimes

Product Marketing Manager
Chaos Corona

Show 12: GMT +3    
Hosting from: Tennessee, USA


24 Hours of Chaos is powered by Chaos and SiNi and many great partners. It’s a unique chance to reconnect, find inspiration, share ideas, and show our appreciation for one another. 


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Give it up for the MVPs of the CG industry. 

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