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India Konnagar
Advanced School of V-Ray
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This training center offers online courses.
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Advanced School of V-ray is proud to announce to be the first Chaos|Group Authorized V-ray Training Centre in India. We offer globally recognized certification from Chaos|Group. We mainly work with 3D Architectural Visualization. We provide a clear knowledge of v-ray to our students which is highly beneficial for their career and help them master the professional skills essential for architectural industry and product design. Our Courses: • Masters of V-ray. This course is one of the main courses of our training centre. Master in v-ray is an ultimate course package for v-ray lovers. Its a compact course to master the tips and tricks of v-ray. Duration of this course is 6 months. • Arch-Viz Master Class. Duration of this course is 7 months. is a complete educational package. This course has been carefully designed for students with all tips and tricks, both technical and artistic, to achieve pro-level render output. • 3D Max V-ray Pro. This course is mainly designed for beginners in this field, to help them to grasp the concept of v-ray. Duration of this course is 1 year 3 months. • Arch-Viz. Advanced School of V-ray offers this course for beginners. Students who want to start from the basic level, it will be ideal for them. Duration of this course is 3 months. • Professional Portfolio Design. This course is specially designed for students who want to make a stunning portfolio with noise-free, crystal clear realistic render outputs minimizing errors. • Professional Post Production. This course is for those who wish to gain knowledge in compositing. Duration of this course is 7 days. • Workshop. A very useful event for any individual who wishes to learn our workflow within a short period of time. The duration of this event can be a week or it can be extended to thirty days maximum.


V-Ray for 3ds Max

India Mumbai
D23 Design Lounge
Onsite courses

This training center offers offline courses.

D23 Design Lounge is the Institute of Design Based Digital tools, D23 Design Lounge is an Authorised Training & Certification Partners for the following, AUTODESK, CHAOSGROUP (V-RAY), and others. We are one of the first and only training center to provide a wide range of Authorised Courses & certification with International Validity. We focus especially on AEC segment. Our philosophy is based consistent quality improvement in a very simple but strict manner. In terms of providing services to the client , and a value enriched environment for an artist to work in.


V-Ray for 3ds Max
V-Ray for Rhino
V-Ray for Revit
V-Ray for SketchUp

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