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The heat generated by a 90 minute animation could provide hot water for 20,000 homes for a day. Nearly all render farms waste that heat, and have big air conditioning costs to deal with it. Our ground-breaking render platform re-uses that heat and heats the water in people’s homes, significantly reducing its environmental impact. An 8k render on our network could save ~3kg of carbon and heat ~70 litres of water for a family who needs help with their fuel costs. If your environmental and social impact is important to you, we can help you set up a more sustainable workflow for some of your rendering. Get in touch now to find out more. Give the network a try with £20 credit; upload your .vrscene file and assets to get a preview render and see how much your render will cost - before you begin. Any questions just call, chat or send us an email. +44 (0) 1483 677 147.

V-Ray for Unreal

XRender is an efficient and convenient cloud rendering service platform for animation, VFX, architecture design, interior design, industrial design and etc.As a PaaS+SaaS service platform, we are cooperating with the public clouds globally. Based on the super computing power of the public clouds, we can provide with dynamic & massive rendering nodes, cutting-edge configuration equipment, state-of-the-art data security system and the world-class transferring solution, which helps to complete the rendering of different scale projects quickly and efficiently.

V-Ray for Unreal

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