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© Vedat Afuzi
© Vedat Afuzi

Getting started with Corona for Cinema 4D.

All the resources you need to start using Corona for Cinema 4D and produce beautiful renders.

Learning Corona for Cinema 4D is easy.

Explore our collection of learning resources to master Corona for Cinema 4D in no time. It includes beginner-friendly tutorials and webinars, detailed documentation, and free scenes. As soon as you feel confident with the basics, sign up for our free Corona Academy and learn how to create scenes from start to finish.


Installation & activation

Follow this step-by-step guide to quickly and easily install Corona and activate your license.

Create your first render.

Your journey into photorealism begins with a single render. Watch this video to learn how to create your first visualization by effectively lighting your scene, integrating 3D models and materials, and rendering a high-quality image. Follow along and download the empty Interior Scene.



Dive into Corona’s powerful features to effortlessly create stunning visuals and animations.
Denoising in Corona for Cinema 4D

Learn how to use denoising to make your renders cleaner and faster. Find out which denoising option works best for your render and adjust the settings as needed.

Tone Mapping with Chaos Corona for Cinema 4D

Tone Mapping allows you to achieve precise results tailored to your needs. It features a customizable stack of operators that you can adjust by adding, deleting, or rearranging them as necessary.

Procedural Clouds with Chaos Corona in Cinema 4D

Adding elements like clouds to your scene has never been easier. Simply insert a Corona Sky and Sun object into your scene, navigate to the Sky object, click on the Clouds tab, and select "Enable". In just seconds, your scene will be adorned with our beautiful clouds!

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Join Corona Academy!

Learn how to create scenes from start to finish from our in-depth tutorial series for intermediate users.


Discover the most recent updates and new features through our live webinars.

Free scenes

Jump-start your learning of Corona for Cinema 4D with this collection of free scenes.

Help docs

If you are ever in doubt, make sure you check the Chaos documentation. There you can find detailed explanations of features, parameters, settings, and more.

See help docs

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