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Artículos por Ricardo Ortiz

© Bendus Mihail
Architectural rendering basics: Interiors

Step inside your dream space with V-Ray expert Ricardo Ortiz and discover how V-Ray’s features can generate high-quality, eye-catching photorealistic renders.

© Nuno Silva
Architectural rendering basics: Exteriors

In the first installment of our two-part guide to architectural rendering, V-Ray expert Ricardo Ortiz introduces key techniques to bring your buildings to life.

The complete guide to entourage for archviz and interior design: Part 2

Wondering how to make the most out of entourage in your scene? Read through these methodologies and workflows for a smooth integration of 3D assets.

© Nuno Silva
The complete guide to entourage for archviz and interior design: Part 1

Learn how 3D entourage and its workflows have evolved over the years, providing artists with a hyper-realistic final render.

© Rimi Neo kitchen by Viarde
Top 10 tips for creating wow-factor interior design renderings

Want to take your 3D interior design rendering workflow to the next level? Apply these helpful tips in your next project and thank me later.

© Framlab
Top 7 trends in archviz you can’t ignore

What’s new in architectural rendering? CG expert Ricardo Ortiz presents the latest tech and techniques, from real-time rendering to sustainable solutions.

Top 10 reasons to choose V-Ray for architectural visualization

More and more architectural visualization artists and studios are using V-Ray to render photorealistic imagery and animations. Find out why it’s a great fit.

© Brick Visual
The technology behind photoreal real-time rendering

Recent innovations have made it possible to explore scenes in real-time. In the second part of his series on computer graphics, Ricardo Ortiz explains the basics.

© Nikola Arsov
¿Qué es el renderizado 3D? — una guía a la visualización 3D

Las imágenes en 3D tienen el poder de dar vida a las visiones cinematográficas y ayudar a planificar con precisión los paisajes urbanos del mañana. Aquí, el experto en 3D Ricardo Ortiz explica cómo funciona.

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