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Artículos etiquetados en "architectural rendering"

© The Post House © Kevin Beckers © INK Studio © Julen Urrutia © Nicolas Dagna © 747 Studios
How to choose the best rendering software for your needs

Ready to render? In this article, CG expert Ricardo Eloy discusses everything you need to consider when choosing a render engine for arch viz, VFX, and design.

Top 10 reasons to choose V-Ray for architectural visualization

More and more architectural visualization artists and studios are using V-Ray to render photorealistic imagery and animations. Find out why it’s a great fit.

© Brick Visual
The technology behind photoreal real-time rendering

Recent innovations have made it possible to explore scenes in real-time. In the second part of his series on computer graphics, Ricardo Ortiz explains the basics.

© ELS Architecture
Las funciones favoritas de V-Ray 5 para Revit de ELS Architecture and Urban Design

V-Ray 5 para Revit está repleto de funciones que ayudan a los arquitectos en todo el proceso de diseño. Le pedimos a ELS Architecture and Urban Design un resumen completo.

Acelere su productividad con V-Ray Next para Revit, update 1

La compatibilidad con Revit 2021 y NVIDIA RTX está disponible ahora en V-Ray Next para Revit, así como funciones completamente nuevas para que su experiencia de renderizado sea más fluida, fácil y rápida.

© ZEILT productions - WATT frame - RTL
Anunciando la Colección Educativa de V-Ray

Amplíe sus horizontes, libere su creatividad y sumérjase en el mundo del renderizado 3D y la simulación de fluidos con nuestra nueva oferta educativa.

© Wild Design Studio
V-Ray Next para Rhino, update 2 trae soporte a tarjetas NVIDIA RTX

V-Ray Next para Rhino, update 2 incluye soporte para tarjetas Nvidia RTX, gestión de assets, materiales proxy más sencillos, calcomanías Rhino, optimizaciones de Grasshopper y más.

Caustic effects showing light rays reflected or refracted by a pool of water and projected onto a wooden surface
What are caustics and how to render them the right way

Caustics are everywhere in the real world but rarely seen in renders. Learn why they’ve been ignored — and how you can now render them effortlessly in Corona.

CG render of a cityscape from aboveCourtesy of Zaha Hadid Architects
Zaha Hadid Architects on the tech behind its iconic designs

V-Ray is a fundamental part of the renowned architecture studio, Zaha Hadid Architects. Jose Pareja Gomez and Marko Margeta discuss the tech behind the design.

One Post Office Square is a 41-story tower in Boston’s Financial District rendered by TILTPIXEL© TILTPIXEL
How V-Ray Next sped up TILTPIXEL’s 3ds Max renderings by 25%

TILTPIXEL reveals how it visualized the modernization of a decades-old architectural structure to meet the demands of modern tenants, with V-Ray and Phoenix FD.

© 2022 Chaos Software. Todos los derechos reservados.

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