© Carlos Gálvez
© Carlos Gálvez
Exploring the galaxy — Student rendering challenge
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Open Sep 1 - Nov 23, 2022.

What does a vacation in space look like?

Share your vision and enter our Student Rendering Challenge for a chance to win amazing prizes that will elevate your skillset, help you grow in your journey in the world of 3D and give you much deserved visibility.

This year we’re adding new award categories in order to give recognition where recognition is due! Apart from a Grand Winner, our star-studded jury will select the entries deserving of the titles Best Composition, Best Lighting, and Most Creative Approach. Up to two students who show great potential will rightfully receive a Special Jury Shout-Out. Then, the community will also choose a Public Grand Winner and two Runners-up.

The theme of our challenge is Space Vacation. We're inviting you to explore the galaxy with your imagination, and create a render that is out of this world.

We've teamed up with Nicklas Byriel Pedersen and Nikos Nikolopoulos to make this year’s challenge one to remember.


© Carlos Gálvez
© Carlos Gálvez


Jury Grand Winner (x1)

Public Grand Winner (x1)

Jury Winner: Best Composition

Jury Winner: Best Lighting

Jury Winner: Most Creative Approach (x1)

Public Runners-up (x2)

Jury Selection: Special Shout-Out (x2)

*Updates and upgrades as per official policy.
We will announce the winners via our social media channels on December 19, 2022.


Random Raffle Winners (x8)

For the first time ever, you’ll have the chance to submit a moodboard, so that our jury can take a deeper look into what inspired your work. And between October 3 and November 21, eight of the Challenge participants who have submitted a moodboard along with their renders will win extra prizes through a random raffle. Now you’ve got no excuse not to participate!

Raffle prizes:

Submit your entry.

Open until November 23, 2022.

Meet the jury.

Nicklas Byriel Pedersen

Chaos Theory

Sonja Christoph

 Lead 3D Generalist
IO Interactive 

Nikos Nikolopoulos

Founder/Creative Director
Creative Lighting 

Asuka Tohda Kinney

Animation Image and Color Supervisor
Marvel Studios 

Ian Spriggs

Lead Character Artist

Belle van der Woodsen

 Architectural Visualisation Artist/Founder
Belle van der Woodsen 

Matúš Nedecký
Ines Dga

3D Artist/Visualiser

Zhelong Xu
Margarita Nikita

High Q Renders 

Adán Martín

3D Artist
3D Collective 

Isaac Zuren
Sergio Manes

Sr. Environment Artist
Blas Pascal University 

Vittorio Bonapace

Creative/Art Director
Vittorio Bonapace Studio 

Melissa Knight

Creative Director

Gianpiero Monopoli

Art Director and Teacher
SoA Academy 

Matteo Morana


Lon Grohs

Global Head of Creative

Tom Grimes

Tom Grimes
Chaos Corona

Veselina Zheleva

Director of Education

Ricardo Eloy

3D Specialst

Adrian Renner

Team Lead 3D Artists Virtual Reality

Henry Winchester

Team Lead Content

Jake Denham

3D Artist and Tutorial Creator
Chaos Corona

Shusen Zhao

3D Specialist

Nejc Killar

3D Artist and Tutorial Creator
Chaos Corona

Ricardo Ortiz

3D Specialist

Samir Mujovi

Senior 3D Artist (AEC)

Looking for ideas?

When crafting your winning image, think about…

Where will your resort be situated? The moon, Mars, Europa — or a galaxy far, far away? Will they be earthbound, or in orbit around an alien planet?

Which vehicles will we use to get around these new colonies? And what about the technology and products we’ll use in the world of tomorrow?

What will protect your occupants from the hazards of new worlds? What about differing gravitational forces, or arrhythmic days and nights?

When will they be built? Would they be feasible today, or a decade, century, or millennia from now?

Who will live there? Will it be enough for one cosmonaut or an entire planet's worth of people?

How will they be constructed? Will you use readily available building supplies, or mine new and exotic materials?

Get inspired.
We've put the spotlight on some pieces that are bound to inspire your entry.

Have questions?

We are here to help.
When will the competition run?

We’ll accept entries from September 1 to November 23, 2022. The jury panel will select their winners along with up to 12 finalists. The public will have the opportunity to vote and select their winner. The winners will be announced on December 19, 2022

Who can enter?

We welcome submissions by students all around the world who are enrolled in a computer graphics/3D program or course in a government-accredited educational institution. The challenge is open to students with interest in architectural visualization, interior design, vfx, animation, character design, product design, environment, game design, automotive design, advertising, etc. Be sure to read the official competition rules and privacy notice to check that you qualify.

What should I submit?

Don’t be afraid to experiment in all directions! Combine materials, textures, colors and forms to express your unique vision of what a Space Vacation looks like. We welcome renderings of architecture, designs, inventions, prototypes, media, entertainment, and anything you think can help mankind explore the galaxy and find a new holiday destination in outer space.

What software can I use?

You can use any software to model your vision, but be sure to render in V-Ray, Chaos Corona or Enscape on any platform with a legitimately acquired license.

How can I get access to Chaos products?

If you don’t already have access to V-Ray, Chaos Corona or Enscape as part of your program or course, you can take advantage of our free fully featured trials and free educational licenses to participate in this Student Rendering Challenge. 

Download your free 30-day V-Ray trial >

Want more time to get to know V-Ray for Maya? Take advantage of our free trials or our Personal Learning Edition (PLE):

Download your free V-Ray for Maya Personal Learning Edition license >

Download your free 45-day Corona Renderer trial >

Get your full version Enscape student license >

Need additional render power to meet the deadline? 

Get 20 free Chaos Cloud credits >

How will the winning entries be chosen?

Our judging panel will choose their winners and pick up to 12 finalists. The public will have the opportunity to select their winner from the 12 finalists. The winning image will be the artwork that gets the most upvotes; the next two projects with the most upvotes will be awarded runner-up prizes.

Any further questions?

To help keep you on track, we have a dedicated support team ready to answer your technical questions and troubleshoot your renderings. Submit a request (for V-Ray or Chaos Corona support) or browse the FAQ (for Enscape assistance). For general questions about this challenge, simply email education@chaos.com.

Enter our Student Rendering Challenge.

Explore the galaxy and win great prizes!
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