Space Vacation – Student rendering challenge

Jury Grand Winner

Artist: Enock Chung

Country: Republic of Korea

University: SF Film School

Project name: Roasting marshmallows to deep golden perfection

Project Description: This project has been started from one short YouTube clip. That one inspiring YouTube clip demonstrated how a trained monkey toasts marshmallow with the flame that he made himself with the match just like humans do in front of the bonfire. Which naturally brings up the image of ‘Vacation’. Furthermore, these humorous and amusing materials looked like they would perfectly fit into the 2022 Challenge's topic 'Space Vacation'. Since we all know that chimpanzees have been to space in the past, I Believed there were already strong connections between Apes and space. Thus I've decided to turn such imagination into reality with confidence. I have no doubt that this project was meant for this challenge.

Software used: V-Ray for Maya 

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