Space Vacation – Student rendering challenge


Artist: Andrei-Ionut Zota

Country: Romania

University: Facultatea de Arhitectura si Urbanism Cluj-Napoca

Project name: Seeds of a new home

Project Description: Imagine you are a little kid and you are the second generation on this new planet. You can benefit from a brand-new place to call, home, somewhere in the galaxy. If you think about the previous generations, they made an enormous effort so that you can freely walk and live on this planet, without any heavy costumes or pieces of equipment. You are lucky!
The image catches the moment when you and your little brother make your first steps in the history of your people from Earth, and you have in front of your eyes the key to life stored in a big container while you are surrounded by nature in the best time of the year, enjoy the little break where you will find out about yourself more than you think .

Software used: Chaos Corona for 3ds Max 

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