Space Vacation – Student rendering challenge

Jury Winner: Best Lighting

Artist: Joseph Siml

Country: United States

University: The University of Arizona

Project name: Aspirations Reflected

Project Description: Aspirations Reflected is a work depicting the potential of a life hoped for. The gritty, unpolished space vessel stands in stark contrast to the pristine world glimpsed at via the window reflections. The vacationer peering through the window sees the potential this world has to offer, and the better life it represents. Whether he will move towards it or not is open to debate. In this render, I wanted to experiment with window glazing to provide both insight and mystery. The reflective and transparent properties of glass are perfectly suited for this aim. The glass provides an insight into the depth of the ship, while also reflecting only the smallest hints of the world that lies beyond the vessel.

Software used: Enscape for Rhino 

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