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Student rendering challenge | Submission now closed
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Meet the winners

Submissions for the 2020 student rendering challenge, Illumination: Get creative with lighting, have now closed. Stay tuned to Chaos for upcoming challenges and be inspired by our super talented winners.

Love experimenting with light? Enter our student rendering challenge and be in with a chance to win
V-Ray and Corona licenses, Chaos Cloud credits and much more.

We’ve seen the light — and it’s the theme of this year’s student rendering challenge. V-Ray and Corona’s latest features give you more lighting options than ever before — and to celebrate, we’re inviting you to experiment with illumination and bring out the best in your work.

You could produce a moody character study lit with a single 40-watt bulb, tap into a perfect golden-hour sunset for a tranquil architectural scene or journey to a distant galaxy and discover what it would be like to catch some rays under two suns. Submit your best work for a chance to win an awesome prize package.

What should I submit?
We want you to put your skills to the test and show us your best renders. You can use any software to model your vision, but be sure to render in V-Ray or Corona, on any platform with a legitimately acquired license.

Who can enter?
We welcome submissions by students all around the world who are studying rendering as part of a program or course in a government-accredited educational institution. The challenge is open to students with interest in all computer graphics and 3D industries (Architectural Visualization, Interior Design, VFX, Animation, Character Design, Product Design, Environment, Game Design, Automotive Design, Advertising, etc.). Be sure to read the official competition rules to check that you qualify.

What do I need to take part?
If you don’t already have access to V-Ray or Corona as part of your program or course, you can take advantage of our free fully featured trials for V-Ray and Corona Renderer to participate in this student rendering contest. Want more time to get to know V-Ray for Maya? Make use of our Personal Learning Edition (PLE).
Download your free 30-day V-Ray trial >
Download your free V-Ray for Maya Personal Learning Edition license >
Download your free 45-day Corona Renderer trial >

How will you choose the winning images?
Our judging panel will choose a grand-prize winner and share up to 12 finalists on Chaos Group’s Facebook Page. The public will have the opportunity to select their winner from the 12 finalists. The winning image will be the artwork that gets the most likes; the next three projects with the most likes will be awarded runner-up prizes.

When will the competition run?
We’ll accept entries from September 1 to December 3, 2020. We'll announce the finalists and open the public vote on December 11, 2020. The winners will be announced on December 17, 2020.

Any further questions?
To help you keep on top of your time, we have a dedicated support team ready to answer your technical questions and help troubleshoot your renderings. Contact support@chaosgroup.com (for V-Ray support) or support@corona-renderer.com (for Corona assistance). For general questions about this challenge, simply email education@chaosgroup.com

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© Double Aye


Jury Winner (x1)

Public Winner (x1)

Public Runners-up (x3)

*Updates and upgrades as per official policy
We will announce the winners via our social media channels on December 17, 2020.


Meet the jury.

Nicklas Byriel


3D College  

Nikos Nikolopoulos

Founder/Creative Director
Creative Lighting 

Sonja Christoph

Sr. Environment Artist
IO Interactive 

Victor Bonafonte

 Creative Director, Architect & CEO
Beauty and The Bit

Michaela Tonelli

Architect and Founder

Tran Ma
Jakub Cech

CEO & Creative Director

Lon Grohs

Global Head of Creative
Chaos Group

Tom Grimes

Marketing Specialist
Chaos Group


Melissa Knight

Creative Director of Marketing
Chaos Group


Nikolay Bulev

CG Specialist
Chaos Group

Anastasia Zhivaeva

CG Specialist
Chaos Group


Ricardo Ortiz

Product Specialist   
Chaos Group  

Veselina Zheleva

Director Education
Chaos Group 


A big thanks to everyone who took part in our student rendering challenge. Our jury have narrowed down the grand prize winner and counted the votes for the finalists displayed on our Facebook page. Many congratulations to those who won.


Jury winner

Artist: Hwiyeon Cho
Country: Republic of Korea
University: SF Film School
Project name: Poppy land
Project Description: I added this ride to an environment I had already created. Modeled in full 3D, from background to asset, using Maya, Substance Paint and ZBrush.
Software used: V-Ray for Maya

Public winner

Artist: Ines Dga
Country: Tunisia
University: Illuminance 3D school
Project name: A head full of dreams
Project Description: My project was inspired by the band Coldplay, whose shows scream out awesome frequencies of love, peace and fairy-tale magic. I wanted to make it feel as if you were there, for Coldplay fans to feel some of the excitement and passion of every single concert. May you all have a colorful life and a head full of dreams!
Software used: Corona Renderer for 3ds Max
Votes: 2,808

Runner up

Artist: Giovanni Battista Croce
Country: Italy
University: Iuav University of Venice
Project name: What's beyond?
Project Description: The image was inspired by the sci fi worlds, and worlds that don't exist, that fascinate me. Wanting to get out of the everyday profession of architectural visualization, I decided to create an image that takes inspiration from science fiction classics such as "Solaris" or "Stalker," passing through "Alien" and up to "Interstellar." Learn more >
Software used: V-Ray for 3ds Max
Votes: 2,365

Runner up

Artist: Bastian Hyldahl
Country: Denmark
University: 3D College Denmark
Project name: On The Road
Project Description: I always loved the lighting and overall feel of the Woody and Forky scene from Toy Story 4, and this is my remake of it. The scene is 98% 3D; some elements such as foreground fog, and a few other small elements are Photoshopped. I personally modeled, textured and shaded Forky using Substance Painter and procedural texturing inside 3ds Max. Learn more >
Software used: Corona Renderer for 3ds Max
Votes: 1,407

Runner up

Artist: Moh Nuryasin
Country: Indonesia
University: Universitas Warmadewa
Project name: SPBU
Project Description: This image was inspired by the vibes of late-night riding to gas station rest areas on Indonesia's highways, bringing back memories of long trips, with light, mist and greenery composed with V-Ray. I focused on V-Ray Environment Fog and V-Ray Disc Light as the main components early in the process, and the rest is detailing the surrounding elements. Learn more >
Software used: V-Ray for 3ds Max
Votes: 565

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