Illumination – Student rendering challenge

Bastian Hyldahl – Runner up

Artist: Bastian Hyldahl

Country: Denmark

University: 3D College Denmark

Project name: On The Road

Project Description: I always loved the lighting and overall feel of the Woody and Forky scene from Toy Story 4, and this is my remake of it. The scene is 98% 3D; some elements such as foreground fog, and a few other small elements are Photoshopped. I personally modeled, textured and shaded Forky using Substance Painter and procedural texturing inside 3ds Max. I cannot take credit for Woody, that model is from IpoyPunk of CGTrader. The rest of the scene is a mix of Megascans, Poliigon and various other texture and material sites. I also had some pine tree models and used Forest Pack to scatter them along with other ground debris. Overall the scene was a great exercsie in mixing realism and cartoon - and it was super fun to make.

Software used: Corona Renderer for 3ds Max

Votes: 1,407

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