From real-time to photoreal: Connecting architectural designers and archviz artists

Webinar recording available

Connecting real-time and photoreal rendering workflows across multiple software platforms can seem daunting. Join us for a demonstration of Chaos’ enhanced interoperability between real-time design rendering tools like Enscape and photoreal visualization tools like V-Ray, and Vantage.

Using a practice based workflow demonstration developed by a professional visualization expert, the webinar will show real-world architectural use cases made possible by the Chaos .vrscene file.

This webinar is for:

  • Architectural designers looking to enhance their designs further.

  • Archviz specialists who are looking into ways to accelerate their workflows.

  • Anyone who is involved in the architecture visualization process or evaluating visualization software.

  • Architectural design firm leadership seeking meaningful workflow efficiency improvements.

Topics to be covered:

  1. Introduction to Chaos .vrscene file and its benefits
  2. Workflows for architectural designers
  3. Workflows for archviz specialists
  4. External collaborations
  5. Best practices & demos
  6. Q&A

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Meet the presenters.

Ana Lyubenova
Product Manager, Chaos

Ana joined Chaos’ V-Ray for Revit team in 2016, where she took various roles. Currently, she is a Product Manager of V-Ray for Revit. Ana is also a licensed architect with over 10 years of experience in Autodesk Revit and BIM. In her free time, she enjoys all aquatic activities and you can often find her exploring the underwater world.

Daniel Monaghan
Sales Director, AEC NA • AEC Sales NA, Chaos

Daniel Monaghan is the Business Leader for Chaos in the Americas, and oversees the U.S. Sales and Channel Teams. He’s spent his entire career in the AEC software industry, helping firms migrate and improve their 3D workflows. Before joining Chaos, Daniel worked at Bentley Systems in the company’s building performance group, SCIA nv, where he ran U.S. sales and N. American operations for the company’s structural design software, and most recently as VP of marketing at Vectorworks, a Nemetschek company.

The power of Chaos interoperability.

Break down the barriers between design and creative. Work seamlessly with peers in a unified visualization workflow.
The speed of real-time. The accuracy of photorealism.

Make real-time design decisions with Enscape, switch to V-Ray for photorealistic images — and break down boundaries between CAD and DCC.

Save time, preserve design intent.

Save time from recreating designs from scratch; keep design decisions made in Enscape and seamlessly transfer them to artists working with V-Ray.

Work seamlessly, with zero scene translation.

Export the work you’ve done in Enscape and open it in V-Ray of your host application. Keep the same context and settings - geometry, textures, light, materials - without losing any data.

Access to a world of assets.

Get access to an additional 5000+ assets specifically crafted to maximize realism and detail in production renders.

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