May 9 | White Rabbit
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Immerse in the world of 3D visualization.

We've teamed up with the Elmtec UK community for an evening filled with thrilling presentations. The event covered a wide range of topics, from creative storytelling and the latest CG techniques to efficient workflow strategies and the impact of technological advancements and AI in visualization. Embark on a journey of discovery as we unpack workflows, spark inspiration, and exchange ideas alongside our esteemed lineup of speakers.

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Nadia Monte
3D artist, Binyan Studios

Born in Tursi, Italy, Nadia has loved creative arts from a young age. She realized she wanted to become a CG artist while studying at the Architectural School at the University of Florence. She became known internationally after becoming a finalist in the student image category at the CGarchitect Architectural 3D Awards and was featured in the third edition of 3Disciple Magazine. In 2021 she participated as a judge in the CG Awards. In the past three and a half years she worked for Bloomimages in Berlin but since January 2024 she moved to London to work as a 3d artist at BINYAN Studios. She is always focused on combining drawing, photography, mental journeys, and creativity to tell a story.

Maria Gluzdakova
Creative Lead, narrativ.

Maria, hailing from the frosty landscapes of Siberia, dared to swap her snow boots for an Oyster card, landing in London to sprinkle her talent across the city's finest studios. With skills so sharp they could cut through ice, Maria is both fearless in her work and in her pursuit of the perfect cup of coffee, a quest almost as intense as her love for 3D modeling.
When she's not bending virtual worlds to her will, you can find her strolling through the streets of London, a true crime podcast in her ears, plotting her next big project or perhaps just her next big read.

Dionysios Tsagkaropoulos
CG Artist/ 3D Visualizer, Evolvia Imaging

Dionysios is a seasoned CG Artist and 3D Visualizer, currently leading Evolvia Imaging, a premier firm specializing in 3D rendering and photorealistic imagery for architecture and industrial design. With roots in Italy where he studied at IUAV University in Venice, Dionysios has been at the forefront of digital art and visualization since 1993. He founded Delta Tracing in 1999, marking his entry into high-end visualization. His extensive experience includes roles as a 3ds Max Specialist & Application Engineer for Autodesk and TechData, and a decade as CGI Manager at Renzo Piano Building Workshop in Paris.

Nora Galimberti
Senior Associate, The Boundary

Senior Associate at The Boundary, Nora has been an integral and invaluable member of the team for over seven years, which practically makes her part of the furniture—a fitting comparison given her origins from Northern Italy, a hotspot for luxury furniture design. In recent years, Nora has led several high-profile projects, including The Whiteley in London and Forma by Gehry in Toronto.
Beyond her project commitments, she plays a crucial role in recruitment, having successfully welcomed over 30 artists in the London studio. When she's not crafting the next building masterpiece or expanding her team, Nora enjoys water sports on the South Coast, battles digital foes in her favourite video games, and serves her cats, Zelda and Tuna, who are the true rulers of her world.

Kam Star
Chief Product Officer, Chaos

"I am thrilled to lead the product strategy, vision, and direction of a company that is dedicated to empowering artists and designers to visualize anything they can imagine. With my passion for AI and cutting-edge technologies, I am excited to push the boundaries of what is possible and drive innovation that exceeds our customers' expectations."

Ivan Kozaliev
CG Specialist, Chaos

Ivan developed a solid background in architecture, participating in various building design projects up to high-rise buildings and skyscrapers. After years in architecture, his passion for 3D prevailed and made visualization his career of choice. Ivan’s enthusiasm brought him to Chaos and nowadays one can find him involved in visualization projects where his architectural experience is crucial for performing assignments employing a combination of his 3D skills and architectural background.

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