Demystifying OSL with the Shader Wizard

Total Chaos News        May 10

© Alex Maltsev

Get Zapped! Join a total legend of the world of CG for an explainer on the Open Shading Language in 3ds Max and how it can benefit both artists and developers.

Zap Andersson’s groundbreaking work in the mystical worlds of shaders and materials has made him an icon in the world of CG, earning the nickname “Shader Wizard” thanks to his implementation of subsurface scattering. When he’s not revolutionizing computer graphics, Zap likes to make sushi and fly drones at ridiculous speeds.

I’ll take you on a journey through what Open Shading Language is and what it can be used for.

Zap Andersson, Shader Wizard

In his presentation, Zap will go into depth on the ability to create Open Shading Language (OSL) maps in 3ds Max’s material editor. After outlining the basics of OSL, he’ll show you how to use it with the Physical Material to create portable scenes that work across many render engines.

Zap will be giving the talk “Everything you wanted to know about OSL in 3ds Max, but were afraid to ask” as part of the Code track at Total Chaos. See the full schedule.


See you in Sofia!
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