Zaha Hadid Architects: V-Ray, VR and visualization

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Join designers Jose Pareja Gomez and Marko Margeta for an exploration of the cutting-edge technology that helps the world-famous architecture firm stay on top.

As one of the world’s biggest, most innovative and influential architecture practices, Zaha Hadid Architects needs no introduction.

At Total Chaos this year, we’re pleased to welcome Lead Designer/VR Developer Jose Pareja Gomez and Designer Marko Margeta. Between them, they expand the capabilities of the firm through the use of new technologies such as parametric design, 3D printing and virtual reality.

We’ll go behind-the-scenes on everything from small installations to full-blown master plans.

Jose and Marko, Zaha Hadid Architects

In the presentation, Jose and Marko will show how Zaha Hadid Architects creates projects of all sizes via a parametric visualization pipeline with custom tools, plugins and workflows.

They will also walk through some of the work of the ZHVR department, which has specialized in real-time technology and its development over the past five years, from real-time presentation models to immersive virtual reality art installations.

Zaha Hadid will join companies including KPF and Gensler at Total Chaos this year. In the meantime, you can find out more about Zaha Hadid Architects in this CG Garage podcast featuring Principal Patrik Schumacher.

Jose and Marko will be giving the talk “ZH/V-Ray/VR: Zaha Hadid Architects on parametric visualization and virtual reality” as part of the Art track at Total Chaos. See the full schedule.


See you in Sofia!
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