Landmark achievements: Beauty and The Bit

Total Chaos News        May 13

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With "Landmark," Beauty and The Bit's Victor Bonafonte staked his claim as an auteur of arch viz. Find out how he's pushing the form in new directions.


Late last year, Madrid-based arch viz studio Beauty and the Bit made a dramatic entrance with “Landmark.” Indebted to Stanley Kubrick and Ridley Scott, this atmospheric short film is the perfect demonstration of how the company is pushing the arch viz medium in more cinematic and artistic directions.

We stand at a brave intersection between architecture, cinema, VFX and video games.

Victor Bonafonte, Beauty and The Bit

At Total Chaos, Art Director — and “The Bit” in Beauty and The Bit — Victor Bonafonte will reveal the studio’s secrets and shed light on the artistic processes behind its unique work. This is the perfect way to experience the exciting future of arch viz right now.

Victor will be giving the talk “Beauty and The Bit: Between architecture and cinema,” as part of the Art track at Total Chaos. See the full schedule.


See you in Sofia!
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