Will Cavanagh set to Expose Blur’s Backend

Technical director will talk Total Chaos audience through the “Deadpool” studio’s pipeline

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Blur and Chaos Group have a long history of working together, so we’re proud to welcome the company’s hottest talent to Total Chaos.

Savannah College of Art and Design graduate Will joined Blur after an internship at NASA. He designs and implements studio-wide APIs and frameworks, and integrates new software and workflows for Blur's suite of tools, including 3DS Max, Houdini, Nuke, and V-Ray.

I’ll reveal how the digital sausage gets made.

Will Cavanagh, Pipeline TD, Blur Studio

Blur Studio, owned by "Deadpool" director Tim Miller, is widely known for creating some of the industry’s best game trailers and cinematics. As it moves into TV and film, the studio's technical infrastructure has expanded.

Will is set to discuss the evolution of Blur's proprietary render farm, movement into cloud rendering, and tools built to make a medium-sized studio competitive and flexible. Learn how Blur distributes rendering between a local farm and cloud instances while ensuring the availability of data. See some of the forecasting software developed to allow a dynamic production company to plan for peaks and avoid backups.
But it's not all technical. To illustrate the product of all this backend infrastructure, Will plans to show some of Blur's latest work, and open the floor to questions. 

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