How to Start an Arch Viz Firm with Studio Niskota

Dean Niskota and Hrvoje Čop share the secrets of their success.

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We’re big fans of Studio Niskota — Dean and Hrvoje are a talented pair, and their presentations are always a hoot.

The pair started doing arch viz while studying architecture – a hobby which turned into Studio Niskota, Croatia’s premier arch viz studio. Specializing in real-estate imagery and furniture product shots, they established a multi-application workflow so their small team can produce any kind of asset in-house.

You’ll find out how our backgrounds lead them to creating a successful arch viz studio — and how we use our differences to our advantage.

Dean and Hrvoje, Studio Niskota

Niskota Studio’s follow-up to last year’s talk at the CG2 event will take the audience on a trip into the past. They’ll touch upon some of the personal and professional challenges they’ve faced along the way. Expect serious talk, motivational talk, business talk, client talk, and sporadic attempts at humor, mixed together with a spoonful of 3D and a pinch of inspiration.

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