Immersive experiences with Kevin Margo

CONSTRUCT director on the opportunities of new mediums

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Chaos Group’s collaborations with Kevin Margo pushed the boundaries of filmmaking and technology. At Total Chaos, he’ll talk about what it means for artists and audiences.

Kevin Margo has been a VFX/CG supervisor and director at Blur Studio for over 14 years. As an independent filmmaker, he investigates the convergence of traditional filmmaking, video games and VR/AR technologies, and he’s spearheaded collaborations with industry leaders such as Chaos Group, Nvidia and Google

I’ll demonstrate how a desire for photorealistic visualization throughout the production process guided an investigation into VR.

Kevin Margo, Director and VFX/CG Supervisor

Kevin’s quest for interactive, immersive experiences focuses on the creative benefits for artists, and the resulting emotional impact on audiences. In his presentation, Kevin will discuss how rendering advances can facilitate new collaborations through virtual production, as demonstrated by his short film CONSTRUCT.

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